Dienstglas nrs. Database

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Dienstglas nrs. Database

Post by Xavier » 05 Dec 2003 20:21

last updated may 18, 2006

Well, now it is a very long range project,

please send me by Private mail all data on your Dienstglas 6x30, 7x50 and 10x50 model binoculars, plus serial number and maker, I am attempting to create a database

Only will be accepted models with the word dienstglas stamped and number, could be maker marked or code marked, only WWII

I am trying is to form batches of binoculars #'s and cross information with pieces with known provenance, also if you have provenance with your binoculars, please comment, dates, formation, past owner (veteran) info,where captured etc etc.

list will be updated here every week or sooner

please, only by private mail or email to
gruasdealba(at) hotmail.com

B:= Black
Y:= Sand Yellow (known as Afrika Korps binos)
Ba:= Bakelite
L:= Leather covering (or Vulkanite, a leahter-like early form of synthetc plastic)
R:= Rice covering (leather stand by, mixed w black paint to give a rough texture)
G:= Gummi, rubber protected (only in uboat binos)
Gr:= grey body
M:= Marked with a "M" marine
K:= Marked with a "K" for kriegsmarine or kaiser marine?
+ := Marked with a +
T:= Triangle marked
T2:= "T" marked, for lenses coating
0:= Zero/circle marked
Re:= Reticle present
Kf:= kf marked for cold resistant lubricant (marine)kalterfest

To begin:
6x30 unless noted

By Code:

341561 B, R, Re, KF
348403 B, L, Re, KF, http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 0072DSXHmb
358447 B, R, Re, black bak case

11098 B, L, Re,
16521 B, L, Re, KF,
35117 B, L, Re, O image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 9800VDtddf

585637 B, R, + (6X24)
2053815 B, L, KF, Re. courtesy of Lenco van der Weel
2151269 B, R, Re, KF
2156773 B, R,Re, Kf
2156995 B, R, Re, KF marked,
2172460 B,R,Re O

21678 B, L, Re, KF, black bak case
73908 ( or 73906) B, R, Re, KF
78609 B, L, Kf
82724 B, L, Re, KF, leather case unit mkd: S.S.T. 140 WaA 1936 thanks to Dennis White
100086 B, L,
103714 B, R, Re, O,
104298 B, R, O,
108685 B, R, O,
110697 B, R, +,
110966 B, R, Re, + black bak case, market garden area
119279 B, R+ T Blak bakelite case
125077 B, R, Re, +, T
129334 B, R, Re, T,

439250 B, L, Re, kf, black bak case, thanks to stril
439295 B, L, Re, KF, bakelit benutzer cap, black bakelite case mrked frn42
439366 B, R, Re, KF, red bakelit case,"113 " painted on top of case
448162 B, R, Re, KF red filters, benutzer cap
452388 B, L, Re, Kf, black bakelite case, tab marked 'gmr 1941', courtesy of Ed Stroh
465836 B, R, Re, KF
487430 B, R, KF,O brown bak case
488853 B, R, Re, o, benutzer cap

32557 B, L, Re, kf, O
33437 B. R,Re, + over kf,O in red


4630xx (waiting for full serial number) B, R, Re, O and + on left body
3891 B, L KF,
13812 B, L, KF,
15546 B, R, KF, O, Re,
18011 B, R, RE, O out of sweden (post war stocks)
25735 B, R, Re, O, courtesy of Nathan Sanders
38995 B, R, Re +, O, courtesy of Nicolai Alexander Damm, Denmark
44518 B, R, Re,
42843 B, R, Re, O, +,
44867 B, R, +, O.
45006 B, R, Re, O, +
46602 B, L, +, O, Re, courtesy of Lenco van der Weel,
56199 B, R, T +
62791 B, R,
63527 B, R, T in blue
78583 B, R, T +, dble cag stamp (both bodies) bentuzer captured in italy
79167 B, R, T, O, captured By t/SGT. W. Harris of Co. E 474th Infantry Regiment in Manhay Belgium from German 2 d SS Panzer Division
80508 B, R,T, bak case mkd bek41
81543 Y, Re,
81597 Y, T, Re, North Africa provenance, II/PzArt Regt 33 (many thanks to Marci Friedrichs!)
82747 Y, T, Re
92794 Y, T, Re, post war painted black
94261 Y, T, Re,
100992 Y, T, Re,
101486 Y, T, Re,
102560 Y, T, Re,
104810 Y, T,
105728 B, Re,T
106125 Y, with brown factory camo, T, unconfirmed shipped sniper school
109226 Y, T, Re
110156 Y, Re
111399 Y, T, Re,
120697 Y, T, Re, black bak case
122812, Y, T, Re,
125870 Y, T in blue
129737 Y, T,in blue
131907 Y, T, Re,
132333 Y, with brown factory camo,Re, T, unconfirmed sniper school
133125 Y, with brown factory camo, T, unconfirmed shipped sniper school
134503 Y, T, Re,
140696 Y, T in blue, Re, red bakelite case
143155 Y, T in blue
145536 Y, T
146208 Y, T, Red bak case
147879 Y, Re, T, black bak case
148835 Y, T
148902 Y, T,
149791 Y, T, courtesy of Nathan Sanders
150679 Y, T
152272 Y, T
152283 Y, T, provenance sugest battle of the bulge capture
152667 Y, T in blue, Re, benutzer cap MC in it.
153602 Y, T, Re
154542 B, T
158359 Y, T thanks to Frederic Blais (france)
159108 Y, T Re
161113 Y, T
162082 B, R, T postwar rebuild
162188 Y, T, Re, benutzer cap,red bakelite case
162391 Y, T, black bakelite case
163178 Y, T, black bak case
167223 Y, T, benutzer thanks to anythingww2
168092 Y. T, Re
168651 Y, T,
23798 Y, T Re,
300109 Y, T,
300447 Y, T, Re benutzer cap
301615 Y,T,
302366 Y, T courtesy of Brian Abela, provenance suggest N. Africa captured
302547 Y, T,
306647 Y, T in green,
303880 Y, T, Re
306412 Y,T
307750 Y, T thanks to Frederic Blasi, (france)

32010 B, L, Re, KF, mkd "Nr 32010"
32416 Y/B, L, Re, O, mkd Nr32416 strange hybrid, maybe post war repaint? pic& add comments: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 3301XZdPWt

201063 B, L, m (not Ml) +, stmpd 01063 on bridge, right body mkings only
294765 B, R, Re, Kf
297786 B, R, RE mkd KF
297826 B, R, Re, kf, courtesy of Michael Marshall
308488 B, R, Re, Kf,
314601 B,R, Re, O, KF, Black bakelite case
322707 B, R, Re, + black bak case
325142 B, R, O,
349046 B,R,Re, +,
382075 Ba, T in bridge front round fastener, red//brown
384156 Ba red/brown, thanks to Bram, from the netherlands
390290 B, R, Re, T,
391101 B, R, Re, T,
392290 B, R, Re, T,
406452, Ba red/brown, Re, press stoff case (marked cxn 4), courtesy of Ed Stroh
411045 Ba, Re, red/brown
425018 Ba, T, Re, red/brown
428628 Ba, Re, black leather case marked WaA326 eagle
711045 Ba, red/brown

ddx (Voigtlander)
05165 B, R +
51917 B, R, Re, Black bak case
56199 B, R, T "A" marked
61363 B, R, case Inked SS-VT Inside, top stampd "I" WaA 1936
61886 B, R, Re, T, Benutzer cap
71124 B, R, Re,
79272 B, L, KF
81976 B, R, KF, Benutzer cap,
85410 B, R, KF, dug in breslau poland
88367 B, R, Re. Kf, dug in stalingrad
95821 B, R, Re, + leather case mkd 1934
97843 B, R, Re, KF,
100254 B, R, Kf
103999 B, R, Re, "KF" marked
104600 B, R, Re, KF found in St. Vith - Schönberg, found in the area occupied by units of the Corps Schnee Eifel, courtesy of Hans J. Wijers
113055 B,R,O, KF MKD benutzer cap mkd cxn 1941
125959 B, R, Re, O,
142675 B,R, 0,
145901 B,R, Re, KF, O Oout of norway
149018 B, R, black bakelite case
149247 B, R, Re O,
161069 B,R, 0,Re,
171605 B, R, + brown bak case
175139 B,R, +
177668 B, R, Re, +
177886 B, R, Re +
192949 B, R, + benutzer, Strap mkd "1943 ben"
197999 B, R, Re, + Black Bak Case, out of bulgaria, "20"stamp inside 2 squares image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 4095JqlMBG
203641 B, R,Re, +
208146 B, R, Re, T suspected fake, serial and code seems hand stamped
222231 B, R, T benutzer cap
224271 B, R, T,
233926 B, R, T black bakelite case
233963 B, R, T, benutzer cap
234834 B, R,
241558 B, R, T, courtesy of Nathan Sanders
247330 B, R, T,
0250870 B, R, T, (experimental? [0 suffix]) serial seems hand stamped
0251580 B, R, Re, T, (experimental? [0 suffix]) courtesy of dbadcraig image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 0923SjGQwE
255158 Y, T, Black bak case
261368 B, R, Re T,
267795 B, R T,
270352 B, R, T,
274709 Y, T,
277115 Y, R. T
277377 Y, Inftry Rifle Regt of the 115th Inf Reg stat at Darmstadt/Hessian
277558 Y, T, benutzer
278109 Y, T benutzer cap
280897 Y, T, red bak case
282919 Y, T,
284317 Y, T,
302718 Y, T, benutzer courtesy of Nathan Sanders
303388 Y, T red bakelit case, capt in N. Africa by 8th army soldier
303914 Y, T,
3103897 Y. T (typo)
314384 Y, T, Re, benutzer, courtesy of kaiam
317729 Y, T, Re, Leather case is marked cxn WaA320 4
319288 Y, T in blue
324528 B, R,T,
326184 Y,T,
326386 Y,T
326666 B, T, color of paint appears original
326877 Y, T, lether case mkd on latch frn44
330753 Y, T, Re,
331299 Y, T, out of britain
331300 Y, T, Re
334 260 Y, T
335225 Y, T
335279 Y, T,
336482 Y, Re
340739 Y, T brown bakelite case
344516 Y, T, Brown bakelite case
344859 Y, T
345012 Y,T
345254 Y, T, benutzer
351700 Y, T
354476 Y, T, captured north africa march '43 21, Btry. E. 209 Cal
354676 Y, T
354686 y, T, benutzer cap
355435 Y,T,
404920 Y, T, black postwar overpainted

23700 B, L, +, black bak case
312845 B, R, Re, KF, O,
315842 B, R, Re
316686 B, R, Re, O, leather tab mkd 1942
319842 B,R,

98479 B, R, Re, Kf, BLACK BAK CASE
99155 B, R, Re, Kf, Black bak case, out of norway
110888 B, R, O
114667 B;, R,O Re,
120895 B, R, Re, O, out of mediterranean front, all markings on right body
121591 B, R, Re, +,
122046 B, R, Re, + "20" inside 2 squares, all markings on right body...bak case
122174 B, R,Re+ IMAGE: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 5864lQElLg
123109 B, Re, + benutzer cap mkd 1939

30083 B, R, Re, kf, benutzer, small arrow on left body image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 0923sSKPQL

3851 B, R, Re, +courtesy of Jim Mouk (UK)
14540 B,R, T, out of ukranie
233082 B,L,O
234432 B, L, O, Re

224807 B,L,Re,Kf black bak case
226756 B,L, Re kf Black Bak case
232024 B, L, Re, O 1942 manufacture
232984 B, R, Re, O, black bak case mkd frn 41
235144 B, L, +, O, Re, copurtesy of Lenco van der Weel,
358210 B, L, M, benutzer cap mkd eagle/1939

fvs Spindler & Høyer Göttingen
129515 B, L, Re, marked WaA 380, leather benutzer cap
140710 B, L,
152670 B, R, Re, MKD fus/40/kf (UNUSUAL) strap mkd 41 blak bak case
152676 B, R, 40 over kf marked, black bakelite case, strap marked jhg 41
out of denmark
154434 B, R, Re, Kf, strap mkd 1940
159192 B,R,Re Kf, black bak case
159589 B,R,Re,Kf
173440 B, R, Re, +, courtesy of Nathan Sanders

fvx Chr.Beck & Söhne /kassel
38825 B, R, Kf marked
294676 B,R,Re

2792 B, R, Re, Kf, Black bak case, Out of norway
8637 B, R, +

1182 B, R, Re, KF, O, (Ruf & Co, Nachfolger Der Opsticher Werke), rare

111601 B, R, T
113227 B, R, T, 1945 manufacture black bakelite case
113998 B, R, T
115389 G,T, Re, monocular
124843 B, T
127808 G, T
129573 B, T, with both code and manufacturer's name
153935 B, R ,T Monocular
154495 G, R, Re, T Monocular http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 5113kApwxI

dzl (Oigee, berlin?)
25902 B, R, Re, kf, reportedly 1944 manufacture

not marked (polizei issue?)
73073 B, R,

By maker:

Busch R.
197404 B, L,
205031 B, L, M,
211016 B, L, M, Re,
221234 B, L, M, Re,
223881 B, R, M, Re, +,
228960 B, L, Re, "M"
241854 B, L,
242751 B, Re, out of italy

Carl Zeiss jenna

1614033 B, L, m (not M) black bak case
1622651 B, L, M, Re
1644680 B,L,Re, benutzer
1645241 B, L, Re, red bakelite case
1648383 B, L, M Black Bakelite case
1648408 B, L, Re, M, black bak case
1748810 B, L, Re, M, leather case repd captured in bayeaux
1748975 B, L, M, Re,
1749197 B, L, M Re
1859764 B, L, Re, Blackbakcase,WaA202,liberated in the cologne area,courtesy of Jim Mortimer
1862908 B, L, Re, WaA 202, black bak case
1910763 B,L, Re black bak case, swedish post war sue, (crown mkd) maybe 19100763?
1912043 B, L, Re, black bak case, swedish crown indicating post war swedish use
1913091 B, L, Re, black bak case, swedish crown indicating post war swedish use, case stamped 1942
1914435 B, L, Re, WaA mkd,
1914456 B, L, Re, WaA 202 mkd, black bakelite case
1931585 B, L, Re, from provenance suggests "mowe" destroyer WaA
1933068 B,L,Re black bak case
1933434 B, R, Re WaA 202
1935319 B, L WaA 202 marked, benutzer cap, red bakelit case
1935332 B, L, Re, WaA 202 marked,
1939153 B, L, Re, WaA mkd
1981739 B, L, Re, mkd "marineglas"
2006981 B, L Re. WaA 202 marked benutzer cap
2010803 B, R, Re,
2011889 B, R, Re, Black bak case, benutzer cap
2014011 B, R, Re, leather Case mkd frn41
2018721 B, R, Re,
2019937 B, L, Re black bakelit case
2032579 B, R, Re, courtesy of Peter Browne
2051799 B, R, Re benutzer

E.Leitz Wetzlar
26430 B, L, Re, M
148656 B, L, Re ,M,
157294 B, R, Re
159559 B, L, Re, M,
166979 B,Ba,L,Re
208115 B, L, Re, O,
214168 B, L, M,
223281 B, L, Re, M, captured N africa, leather benutzer w/leitz logo and date stamped (1937)
245647 B, L, Re
266735 B, L, M
277967 B,L,M,
210714 B, L, Re, out of russia,
233716 B, L, Re, M
249284 B, L, Re, Blck Bak case mkd WaA100 thks to Frederic Blais, france
259536 B, L, Re, M, black bak case
260176 B. L. Re
263561 B, l, Re, 1939 mkd on benutzer cap
263870 B, L,
265791 B, L, Re, M,
266100 B, L, Re, M,
273085 B, L, M,
271347 B, L, out of latvia
296425 B, R, Re,
280284 B, L, M,
294676 B, L,.
299363 B, L, Re black bak cse, benutzer cap
310716 B, R, + rare, doubel mkd, (e. leitzwetzlar + beh)
312222 B, L, Re, mkd WaA 138 and 286 on leather re
315386 B, L, Re,
358942 B, L, Re, M,

M. Hensoldt & Sohne of Wetzlar
1861 B, L,
6725 B, L (polizei?)
8370 B, R, printed, not stamped, leather case image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 7307FdJARM
16751 B, R,(reportedly truncated nr for late war prod, POLIZEI issue)
24514 B, R,
25152 B, R, same story as the one above
26063 B, L, K 6x24
210742 B, L, "m" marked
227115 B, R, small "m", courtesy of Lenco van der Weel
229743 B, R
229958 B, R, Re, M, strap mkd "Rudolf Stohr 1938"
235892 B, L,
257433 B, L Re,
257659 B, L, Re,KF
283067 B, R, Re, M
307115 B, L, Re, "M " marked, courtesy of K-9
327509 B, L, Re, M, WaA 414, black bak case
387341 B, L, Re, "M" Black bak case
480489 B, L, Re, mkd pol-dientglas case mkd 1942 benutzer

19977 B, R, Re, M, finnish contract? out of sweden, courtesy of Anders Kaarle

opw Warschaw
53592 B, L,

G. Rodenstock
152090 B, L, Re, M, benutzer cap
165450 B, L, Re, M
166525 B, L, M, Re, black leather case
174183 B, L, KF, M, courtesy of Lenco van der Weel
187698 B, L, Re, M, image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 5205iXHhKl
195208 B, L, Re, M, Case marked "I" WaA 386

spindler & Hoyen
140520 B, L, M, T in right side, rare
140725 B, L WaA stamped
142996 B, L, M, thanks to antwerpx

19557 B, R, WaA mkd
40610 B, R, black bak case
41475 B, R, Re,
42753 B, L, Re
43361 B, L, Re, benutzer, tab mkd 1942, http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 0576FEtkQh
49434 B, R
2205779 B, T rare, courtesy of Jim Mouk (UK)
98508 B, L, leather case


344982 B, L, KF, M,
351622 B, L, KF, T2, eagle/m, TCPII, but marked "flak (Kuste)" image here: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 3206llMQuS
373675 B, L, KF, T2, TCPII, also eagle/M and 0565 N
375194 B, R, Re, M (marine) ,WaA 14 marked benutzer cap
378663 B, R, Re, O, KF, M,
382206 B, L, O, KF
386585 B, L, O, KF,
393378 B, R, RE Kf , O
393550 B, R, Re, KF, O, case dated 1942
393816 B, R, Re, +
398982 B, R, Re, O, +
399417 B, R, kf case mkd KSD 1942 WaA 14
406689 B, L, + bak benutzer, leather case mkd "walter winkler spandau 1941 "
429226 B, R, Re +
434334 B, Re, +
438544 B, R RE +
438965 B, R, Re, +,
444291 B, R, Re, +
445750 B, R, + benutzer , leather case mkd
445752 B, R, +
463070 B, RE, +
466771 B, R, RE, + leather case mkd ksd 1943
468920 B, Re +

6110 B, R, Re, +
32167 B, R, RE, + gasmask oculars
32722 B, R, Re, Gasmask oculars
36046 B, R, dessicant cartridges on front
37730 B,R, dessicant cartridges fixed focus (smooht oculars) benutzer
40734 B, R, +, case mkd 1944
41286 B, R, RE, +
42765 B, R, Re, + Case dated 1944
43374 B, R, Benutzer cap, case stamped 1944 WaA 14
44075 B, R, Re, +in blue
50338 B, R, + Strap mkd 1944 leather case
58815 B, R, gasmask oculars fixed focus (smooth oculars)
58908 B, R, gasmask oculars for fixed focus (smooth oculars) plastic benutzer
59023 B, R, gasmask oculars fixed focus
59279 B,R, gasmask oculars fixed focus case engrqved M IV
60224 B, R, 1943 issue
60972 B, R,
2104310 B, R, O
2107447 B, R. Re,O,
2107654 B, R, Re
2137221 B, R, gasmask oculars, KM mkd leather case
2221301 B, R, Re, eagle/M Artll mkd
2222499 B, R, Re, leather case mkd WaA 202
2224487 B, R,, benutzer cap case marked eagle/M (march 1942 prod)
2227802 B, R, +, monocular
2244420 B, R + case mkd 1944
2244336 Gray w/black trim, + info courtesy of Terry
2245294 B, R, + benutzer

bmk (Srb & Stys, Prag )
93991 B, R, Re KF O case mkd 1942
95613 B, R, O, caqse stamped bmk 1942
95639 B,R,O
95906 B, L, O case mkd jr 1942
132263 B, R, T
150153 B, R, +
152700 B, R, T, Re, hinged eyecups images: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 0305kWdAjM
152933 B, R, T Re, hinged eyecups
154541 B, R, T, T2, case stamped 1944
154634 B, R, T, T2 hinged eyecups, benutzer
155166 B, R, T, benutzer leather case mkd WaA452
155442 Y T, no reticle, rare yellow variation courtesy of Frans, pics here: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 1346EJfrCL
155745 B, R, T, leather case
157510 B, R, T, sand painted underneath rice black paint, but black paint on ends and body seems vintage also
157705 B, R, T,
160201 B,R T, elongated "T" marked
161466 B, R, T
161466 B, R, T
161663 B, R, T,
161826 B, R, T, Case dated 1943 WWII 8th Armored Division Vet Bring back
162114 B, R, T.

67712 B, R,hinged eyecups http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 9040HTfnyt
70110 B, R, gasmask oculars
70183 B, R, gasmask oculars case mkd Prn 44

By name

Leitz Wetzlar
196688 B, L, +, M
215263 B,R,M, case mkd eagle/1939
214112 B, L, M,
254335 B, L, M, (aluminum body) leather benutzer mkd 1937 WaA112
307513 B, L, M
320046 B, L, M, KF

Carl Zeiss
1684617 B, L, M,
1787040 B, L, M
1945040 B, L, M, case mkd 1944 WaA mkd .
1944875 B, L M marked, reportedly from OLT.z.See Buechl (U-97) on leave when boat sunk
1945809 B, L,M,
1965586 B, M, "T" eagle/M marked "artll 1391" case mkd 1942 and Wa 1226
1971560 B, L, Re, Eagle/M marked "Artl Nr. 782"
2059981 B, L, DF, eagle/M, T2, N 13977
2061259 B, R, gasmask oculars, eagle/M T2, "IV/I" "artl" mkd
2061515 B, R, gasmask oculars eagle/M M.A.Z.a 527, also on left side M/eagle/IV/1, T2, DF
2068911 B, R, gasmask oculars eagle/m DF (markings scratrched)
2069773 B, R, Re, gasmask oculars T2, eagle/m IV/1 also flak (kuste) 5012 case dated 1941
2072874 B, R, gasmask oculars eagle/m artl nr 8751
2073062 B, R, T, KF gasmask oculars mkd artl 8939 case mkd 1944
2077988 B, R, DF, M (marine), N (nordsee) and "T" marked, eagle dessicant cartridges on front side, rare oculars not dienstglas marked 1940 manufacture

2074730 B, R, Re, EAGLE M IV/1 "T" D.F. Artl. Nr.9583. case mkd:M IV/1
2146111 B, R, EAGLE/M IV/1 T2 D.F. "N" nr 40265
2115198 B, R, eagle/M DF marked also"M IV/1 nr 39730"
2178623 B, R, M
2181142 B,R,Re,M gasmask oculars case mkd 1942 K60 WaA 14

2613 B, R, Eagle/Swastika, M, KF and Right prism: N, DF 7x50, I believe these to be Srb & Stys but so far can't see bmk code images: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 0326KFRdzS


10x50 porro unless noted (expanded)

by code

behErnst Leitz

2213791 B, R, +
226436 B. R, Re, +,
226457 B, L, O, copurtesy of Lenco van der Weel
276453 B, R, O Re, "KF" marked under code
278453 B, R, O, Re, KF marked under code
286575 B, R, O, KF marked under code
313707 B, R, Re,
331998 B,L,M,Re, KF
332165 B, R, M, KF marked under code
332336 B, L, Re, M, KF,
350808 B, R, M, KF, Re
357423 B, L Re, Kf M case mkd WaA 279 gmk41
360368 B,R,RE, KF, O
367266 B, R, RE, KF, O, case mkd 1941 named to "Walter Winkler" IMAGE: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 9531XbmTXb
371329 B, L, Re, O
373889 B, R, Re, Kf, O, leather case
383680 B, L, kf, O,
394126 B, L, KF, O,
400541 B, R,O, Kf
400856 B, R, KF, O
411356 B, R + case is marked ksd 1944 with WaA stamp leahter post war
417777 B,R, + Case mkd ksd 1944
421067 B, Re, +, leather case dated 1943
423937 B, R, bakelite benutzer cap,
424143 B, R, + case mkd 1943 WaA14, out of Rhodes, thanks to Ozgur Budak.
424206 B,R, case mkd frn 42 made 1943
435052 B, +
435658 B, R, + case mkd eagle/M
435856 B, R, +,
437329 B, R, + black leather case, courtesy of Doug
442081 B, R, Re, +,
443049 B, R, + case marked WaA 104
451768 B, R, +, postwar green paint leather case stamp 1940 WaA 250
452759 B, R, +,,
453019 B, R, + eagle/m mkd also "1V/11" underneath the word Kustenflak"
461261 B, R,+, Re
461392 B, R, +, Re
467304 B, R, G, Case mkd 1944
468286 B, r. +, from poland
470848 B, R, Re, +
471471 Y,Re + case mkd 1944
471583 Y, Re, + unfinished late war piece http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 8782Qemygb

blc (Carl Zeiss Jena)
1086 B, R, Re, + case mkd 1943
3240 B, R, +
2543 B, R Re,+ case mkd 1942 WaA326
5482 B,L +
6955 B, R, Re, +
7054 B, R, + case mkd frn 41
10266 B, R +, leather case marked 1943 and WaA
12005 B, R, Re, +
14008 B, R +
14995 B, R, + Benutzer cap
15789 B, R, +
18200 B, R, +
19072 B, R, +
19123 B, R, Re + mid 1942, benutzer
20450 B,R, + case mkd 1942
22832 B,R, Re +
23199 B, R, + case dated 44
23802 B, R, +, case mkd 1943
24480 B, R +
32148 B, R, Re, + leather case mkd ksd 1944
2110525 B, 0
2158550 B, leather case stamped frn42
2180721 B, R Re O, Leather case dated 1940 Hamburg
2183008 B, R, O,
2183771 B, R,Re, O, leather case stamped 1940 carl borg, WaA 326
2183835 B, R, Re, O case mkd 1942 WaA14
2184891 B, R, Re, O,
2185165 B, R, Re, O strap mkd CAG 1942
2185917 B, R, Re, O,
2208140 B, Re,
2210568 B, R, +
2211387 B, R, Re, +, benutzer, case mkd 1942
2211508 B, R, +, Re,
2211649 B, R, Re, +,
2212210 B, R, +,
2213462 B, L, + Re
2214533 B, R, Re, +
2215004 B, R, +
2226213 B, R, + Leather lenses cap mkd V&S (Eagle) 1939
2230152 B, R, +,
2230644 Grey, R, Re, +
2231271 B, R, + (yellow overpaint ) strap mkd Sidi-Ba-Said Nth Africa 1942, J Walsh RASC image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 1330rjXfXz
2232288 B, R, Re, +
2234736 B, R, +
2236521 B, R, +
2236878 B, R, + benutzer, leather case
224352 B, R, Dot (.) marked


272 (roof prism) Y, R, "D.F." mkd leather case mkd bmj 1944 http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 3609HoiAFa
14355 (roof prism) Y, R,
14822 (roof prism) Y, R,
--44837 (roof prism) y, r, + case mkd 1942
485296 (Roof prism) B, L, Re
493353 (roof prism) B, L, O, leather case dated 1942
509989 (roof prism) B, L, Re, Case mkd BMJ WaA414 1942
533413 (roof prism) B, L, + Out of russia
534504 (roof prism) B, R, RE
534594 (roof prism) B, R,
539928 (roof prism) Y, R,df
545317 (roof prism) B, R, +, Case mkd bmj 1942 WaA414
547107 (roof prism) B, R, Re, +
586312 (roof prism) Y, R, + Case dated 1943
586961 (roof prism) Y, R, Re, +
-06795 (roof prism) B, L, Re,

21456 B, R, T,

352418 B, R, Re, +
362990 B, R, Re
364186 B, R, + case mkd hte 1943, benutzer pic here http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 5916RpREkd
398411 B,R,T
398948 B, R, T all markings on right body, benutzer cap, case mkd 1934
400415 B, R T
461596 B, R, T, case dated 1944
481940 B, R, Re, T, case mkd 1942 serial maybe 461940

23973 B, R, T

26148 B, R, Re, case mkd 1944 WaA326," and "hje".
26301 B, R, Re, + case mkd eagle/43
27149 Gr, + case mkd WaA 320 and 194_,benutzer cap
29582 B +
30371 B, Re, + smooth black paint, but shows yellow sand paint underneat..
30395 B,+ case mkd 1944
30570 B, + vintage black, but yellow vintage (base?) color underneath
31155 B, +
31197 B, R grey in color , +
86935 B, L, Re +
88055 B, + grey in color
89053 G, R + "U" mkd on both bridges http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 4387PEbOiS
89626 B, + out of italy
87507 B, +
87688 B, + in blue, grey in color
88363 B, + in blue, grey in color
88400 B, R.+ Re case mkd ksd 194 WaA14 gasmask oculars
88859 Grey Body, smooth finish +, leather case dated 1944
91373 B, +
91110 B and Y, Re +

by name

Carl Zeiss
2158878 B, R, (O) benutzer cap

Hensoldt wetzlar
303680 B, L, mkd "pol dienstlgas" , leather Case mkd 1937ASE
410231 B, L, Re, Case mkd 1940 (roof prism) image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 5534yUVfal
472903 B,L, (roof prism) mkd also "Pol dienstglas" under serial number on hinge button (not on barrel

Leitz Wetzlar
181858 B, L Re,
194823 B, L, Re, "M" (aprox 1937?)
205848 B, L, Re, "M"
237025 B, R, Re, leather Case mkd 1939 Carl Borg Rathenow captured near Czech border 1945, info courtesy of Warren Smit
218979 B,L,Re, M leather benutzer dated 1937
219152 B, L, Re, M,
257757 B,L Re, "M"
257767 B, L, Re,"M"
258109 B, L, Re, "M"
304501 B, L, , "M"
307161 B, L, Re, M,
308526 B,R,O, "M"
308936 B, L, Re,O "M" case mkd 1942 & WaA326

Srbastys, Prag (marked so)
287424, B, R, Re, leahter benutzer cap



beh all 7x50 unless noted
28870 B,L TCPII eagle/m
325747 B, L, TCPII, eagle/M, KF also 23040/N pics here: http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 6491XkWpbX
330131 B,L TCPII T2 + eagle/M
351610 B, L, TCPII, T2, KF, eagle/M, 26642/N
353603 B, L, TCPII T2, KF, Eagle/M and "23639 N"
356025 B, L, M Re, KF T2, eagle/M "artl nr 27" TCPII
356137 B, L, T2, KF, eagle/M, artl.
356821 B, L, M, Benutzercap TCPII "(T)",eagle & M marked
361034 B, KF, T2, TCPII, eagle/M, 27633/N
365926 B, R, (T) KF, eagle/M 29026/N
379065 B, L, M, KF (T) Benutzercap TCPII dessicant on ocular side, navy eagle and swastika "N" for nordsee, Marinenummer 31946 on right side reportedly 1941 manufacture, direct from germany

372649 TCPII B, R, KF and (T) marked
372734 B, L M. KF, (T) mkd , Marinenummer 30283 . N for nordsee TCPII
380315 B, L, T2, TCPII, KF, eagle/M, N 32195
380687 B, L, "T", KF, TCPII, eagle/M, 32790 N(nordsee) case mkd 1942
381441 B, R, TCPII, (T) KF eagle/M, 6393N
388871 B, R, TCPII T2 KF eagle/M, Artl. mkd
389172 B, L, TCPII, T2, KF, eagle/M 34468N
394749 B, L, Re, TCPII T2, eagle/M , artl
409231 B, L, TCPII Courtesy of Jim Mouk (UK)
409349 B, L eagle/M mkd 23013 N
409462 B, R,, "N" 8182 eagle/m mkd,
409666 B, L, TCPII,
412151 B, L, TCPII,
412154 B, R, TCPII, bakelite benutzer
415859 B, R, TCPII brown fiber case
416644 B, R, TCPII Benutzer cap porro II
421892 B, R, TCPII, All markings on left body,
421894 B, R, TCPII
422287 B, RTCPII benutzer
430544 B, Re G 8X60 TCPII Pics http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 8776XckqgY
430644 B, R, Re,G, 8X60 TCPII NZ captured at S-boot base north italy '45 tnks to mike1967a Pics: http://community.webshots.com/album/268990474eTlorA
436489 B, R, 7x50 TCPII dessicant cartridges on ocular side
436583 B, TCPII dessicant cartridges on front
438442 B, R, TCPII dessicant cartridges on ocular side
446918 B, R, TCPII, dessicant cartridges on ocular side
450222 B, G TCPII desiccant cartridges on ocular side
450677 B, R, TCPII, Dessicant cartridges on ocular side
450706 B, R. G TCPII dessicant on ocular side
450822 b, tcpii scase mkd 1944 dessicant cartridge on ocular side
453301 B, R, G, 7X50
453655 B, R, TCPII, G, dessicant cart on ocular side
453739 B, R, G, M TCPII dessicant cartridge on ocular side case stpd 1943
453974 B,R, G,TCPII Eagle/M cartridges on ocular side L. case
454529 B.R. TCPII dessicant cartridges on ocular side
454430 B, R, G tcpII
454677 B, R, G, TCPII 7X50 dessicant cartridges on ocular side
454712 B, R, TCPII , leather case dessicant cartridges on ocular side
457389 B, R, TCPII dessicant cartridges on ocular side
457420 B, R, G, TCPII, Dessicant Filters on ocular side, Case mkd beh 1944
457643 B, G,TCPII dessicant cartridges on front
457673 B, G, TCPII, dessicant cartridges on ocular side
459468 B, R G, TCPII dessicant cartridges on ocular side
464149 B, G, R, TCPII, Dessicant cartridges on ocular sidei
468718 B, R, G, TCPII
469765 B, R, G, TCPII,
470176 B, R, G, TCPII
470185 B,G, TCPII case mkd beh 1940 eagle/m
470222 B, R, G. TCPII dessicant cartridges on ocular side case mkd 1944
472408 B, R, G, TCPII, dessicant cartridges on ocular side, APPEARS not issued
473903 B, R, G, TCPII, black leather case, dessicant cartr on ocular side, provenance: from HQ 8th Air Vehicle Repair Squadron Hanau Air Depot Germany. Dated 1-15-1946, sold to Master Sgt at the Hanau Air Depot PX, info courtesy of Rob
474219 B, R, G, TCPII, dessciant cartridges on ocular side
474481 B, R, TCPII eagle/M case 1944 beh dessicant carty on ocular side
489294 B, R, G, TCPII,

36454 B, TCPII, dessicant cartridges on ocular side

BLC (heavy typ)

1682 7x50 grey, Re, deck model, udf mkd (T) eagle/m pics here:
http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 2974tmVGcd
1862 8x60 grey, Re, deck model, udf mkd (T) eagle/m pics here:
http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 3245fXyKmY
40058 7x50 Y, G, SIF,
45156 7x50 Y, G SIF,
45841 7x50 Y, G, screw internal focus
45847 7x50 Y, G, heavy typ, ISF
45919 7X50 Heavy TyP Y, G ISF
46388 7x50 Y, ISF, heavy typ
47010 7x50 Y, G, screw internal focusing
47880 7x50 Y, G, ISF,
48268 7x50 Y, G, benutzercap screw internal focus.
48288 7X50 Y,G, ISF
48843 8x60 Y, internal screw focusing
49236 8x60 Y, internal screw focusing
49335 8X60 Y, Re, benutzer, ISF, provenance suggest prinz eugen issue.
49448 8x60 Y, (heavy typ) isf, hinged eyecups, cast body covers
49643 8x60 Y, (heavy typ) hinged eyecups, ISF, cast body covers
49650 7x50 Y, G, hinged eyecups, ISF
49731 8x60 Y, ISF, hinged eyecups
49761 8x60 Y, Internal screw focusing, hinged eyepieces
52751 7x50 Y, internal screw focusing
52755 7X40 Y, G, Internal screw focusing
53108 7x50 Y (overpainted black) partual gummy , ifs.
53998 7x50 Y, G, ifs,
54011 7x50 GREY IFS, hinged eyecups lemon green paint underlayer, thanks to kteykm
55318 7x50 Y, G screw internal focusing
55589 7x50 Y, G, SIF
55983 7x50 Y, G screw internal focusing
56320 7x50 Y, G, screw internal focusing
56865 7x50 Y, G, screw internal focusing, dessicant cartridges
57155 7x50 B, G,Benutzercap, screw internal focus.
57245 7x50 Y, G, IFS, Benutzer
57611 7X50 Y, G, IFS,
58004 7x50 B, G, IFS, original yellow paint traces under black postwar painjob,
62268 7X50 Y,G, heavy typ
62300 7x50Y, G, internal screw focusing
62324 7x50 Y, G, ISF BK or KF
62496 7x50 Y, G, Internat screw focusing,
62825 7x50 Y, G ISF heavy typ
62885 7x50 Y, G Internal screw fopcusing, hinged eyecups
63000 7x50 Y, G, ISF,
63436 7X50 Y,G, Heavy typ
63532 7x50 B, G later 43 manufacture provenance suggest U453 sunk '44 off Cape spartavento
64749 7X50 Y, ISF,
64838 7x50 Y, G, ISF,
370451 8x60 Y, Re Heavy typ Isf
370465 6x60 Y, Heavy typ, cast covers image: +++++to be added later
1637141 8x60 B, R, heavy typ, eagle/m cased set from aviso grille (hitler's personal yacht)
1773633 8x60 reported fmr Graf spee captain's auctioned christies Nov. 14 of 1996 45000usd
1786348 8x60 B, R, heavy typ, eagle/m cased set from aviso grille (hitler's personal yacht) images here: http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 9831kXMDIj
2083446 8X60 B, R, T2,eagle/M IV/1 MSS 392
2084511 8X60 B,R,Re, Eagle/m mkd mss 1142 TCPII
2111087 8x60 Y, IFS stamped prism covers hevy typ
2160699 7x50 Y, G, screw internal focusing
2160984 8x60 B, R, not internal focusing..conning tower uzo?
2161273 8x60 B, T2, benutzer cap
2161705 8x60 B, T2, TCPII rubber eyecups
2194269 7x50 B, (over green), heavy typ, G,hinged eyecups, ISF, benutzer
2193446 7x50 (or 17187 11 A) Y, G, screw internal focusing
2193797 7x50 Y, G,
2194107 7X50 Y, G, IFS,
2241538 7x50 blc B (Y underpaint) heavy typ, hinged eyecups courtesy of Laurent delaserve

426586 8x60 Y, removable oculars (hinged) heavy typ
426560 8x60, Y, ISF, hinged eyecups, pics here: http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 9542wBkdqQ
456942 8x60 Y, G, ISF, removable oculars (higned) heavy typ, `provenance suggest captured at kiel geman naval yard

E.Leitz Wetzlar,
1115 B,L,Re, eagle/M V/1 TCPII
1781 B, L, Re, 10x50 Unit mkd: Jnf F. VII 1.
3799 B, L, TCPII,
3870 B, R, TCPII
2185 B, L, eagle/m 2185 /n TCPII
60187 6 1/2 x50, B, TCPII mkd N197 and eagle/m extremely rare configuration.
259605 7X50 B, L, TCPII, eagle/M, 3359/N
286966 7x50 B, LM TCPII, eagle/M, 9236N, benutzer, image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 5165oWBIaL
293158 7X50 B, L, TCPII eagle/m, (T),
298644 7x50 B, L,0,T2, TCPII, Eagle/M also 30651/N (nordsee)
302562 B, L, M TCPII eagle/m mkd 19923N
302684 B, L, TCPII 7x50 eagle/M 20167/N
305670 B, R, TCPII, eagle/M 7x50
306115 B, G, TCPII 7x50 , eagle/M
314627 B, L, TCPII, 7X50 20616/N
375858 B, R, TCPII 7X50 T2, KF, eagle/M, 31382N.
455029 B, G, TCPII case mkd beh 1944

69694 7x50 Dark Green, G, Heavy typ, hinged eyecups.
1672755 7X50 TCPII B, L, mkd "Zeiss DF7x50H" "eagle/M/970/N" case mkd beh 1941 image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 1152TffkpL
1682314 7x50 B, L, TCPII , T2, N925, "M" IV/1 leather benutzer,
1757014 7X50H B, L, TCPII MARKED m/eagle/IV/I N2522 coastal artillerie serial on bridge
thanks to Dejan Petrovic, pics here http://community.webshots.com/photo/268 ... 4253wstrni
1773775 7x50H B, L (post war job?)T2, eagle/m N2776
1775231 8X60 TCPII B, L, Re, mkd: "DF8x60H" maybe swedish navy prewar contract, nut not marked so (3 crowns)

still not clasified will clasify later..:))

blue + bmj right D.F. 10x50 tan individual focus NO SERIAL NUMBER Late war courtesy of Jim Mouk (UK)

left HENSOLDT WETZLAR 23741 right DIALYT 10x50 black, rice, individual focus, military case frn44 carried by a U.S. flyer during the war. Not commercial as no center focus courtesy of same as above

7x50 TCPII (no maker) 2408 marked 7x50M B, L
8x60 blc TCPII serial 2169882 tall

6x30 ,B, R, benutzer cap marked Pol-Dienstglas 6 x 30 108346 no makers
6X30 B,R, 2051324 NO MAKER
6X30 B, R Re hensoldt marked pol dienstglas 433117 case 1940 eagle K
6X30 B,L, BEK maker marked serial 1054....weird

dienstglas 6x30 1360 T, Y, L (leather painted yellow) "(t)" code 1939 on lenses cap marked Kassel

Hensoldt Wetzlar Dialyt 8 x 50 Y, R roof prism, marked "frn42"

bmj 7x56 serial 1499 roof prism (dyalit typ) B, L, + dienstglas marked on bridge low number
bmj 7x56 serial 528936 roof prisma B, L, Re, leather case dated 1942 WaA414
bmj 7x56 serial 530703 B, L, + in blue "bmj 1942" marked on case roof prism dienstglas marked on bridge (dyalit typ) B, L,
bmj 7x56 serial 554129 B, L, + case dated 1943 roof prism
bmj 7x56 serial 556234 B,R,

dow 8x50 911 B, R, removable (hinged) oculars (WAFFENWERKE BRUNN A.G. (1943-OPTICOTECHNA GmbH) PRERAU CZECH)

no maker, 6x30 312102 black bak case B, R,
no maker, 6x30 2051324 B, R, Re maybe polizei

bmj 578570 10x50 roof prism B,L, case m,kd eagle bmj 1943
bmj 272 (yes, just 272!!) roof prism Y, R +, DF case mkd bmj 1944
bmj 486227 10x50 B,L,Re Roof prism
bmj 493989 10x50 B, L, RE, roof prism
bmj 494023 10x50 roof prism, B, L, benutzer cap
bmj 509543 10x50 roof prism B, R, +
bmj 518869 B, L, Re, +, roof prsim benutzer tab mks 1943
bmj 529383 7x56 B, R, roof prism case mkd 1942
bmj 534679 10x50 B, R, Re,
bmj 547909 10x50 roof prism 547909 case marked frn41
bmj 567701 10x50 roof prism yellow, rice case dated 1941,
bmj 586713 10x50 Y, +
bmj 589974 10x50 Y, +, roof prismcase mkd 1944

HUET 7x50 Y, Re, TCPII mkd Kriegsmarine serial 628 image: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 0119YXcxTJ
huet 10x50 tcpII B, mkd artl Kriegsmarine serial 3830
huet 10x50 screw focusing serial 4841 B,L,Re, DF artl. sliding filters TCPII
huet 10x50 tcpii serial 502, B, R,
huet 10x50 B, R Re TCPII benutzer dienstglas mkd, serial 987, in zinc lined canvas case
HUET 12x50 B, eagle/M artl df 1162689 TCPII
huet 7x50 Y, TCPII, +, serial 1279 leather case mkd "oblt. Lögler" inside the lid
huet 7x50 tcpII 1794 yellow marked kriegsmariNE dienstglas
huet 16x50 B, R, +, serial 1393 images: http://community.webshots.com/photo/137 ... 5048bCJzLC
huet 12x45 2689 kriegsmarine Artl. marked TCPII B, Re,

bmj 10x40 Y, R, +

8x60 zeiss 1972479 M, B, eagle/M nr 58 w/filterszeiss sighting binos (S-boot?) 19

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Post by K-9 » 07 Dec 2003 16:29

This is a great project and I would like to help/contribuate... but I don't understand what's with all these codes (I think I might be too stupid for this :) ), and what exactly do you want. :(

I own a Hensoldt Weltzar binoculars marked:

Dienstglas (brutaly erased by someone with a screwdriver, I think)
M H/6400

I have bought It from an antique shop, here in Romania, Bucharest.

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Post by Xavier » 08 Dec 2003 19:15

thanks for the info, what color? what texture (leather or grain like paint?7 is a reticle present (grid inside right lenses) any other markings (triangle, + sign, circle, etc etc) or three-letter code? (or just the makers name?)

best regards

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Post by Xavier » 08 Dec 2003 20:29


I found a strange pair: any comments welcome:
markings as follows:

Leihglas 7x50 marsepet Kriegsausführung (left body)

e leitz wetzlar 509460 (right body)

the strange word is: Kriegsausführung translated by me as "war execution" or wartime made...any comments welcome

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Post by K-9 » 08 Dec 2003 22:14

Xavier, I attached the following pics to answer your questions. Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, but an ancient Logitech Web Cam is all I have :( . There are no other markings on the binoculars -other than those I've already mentioned. I also did a drawing of the reticle -maybe you can tell me what was it used for (and how).
Given the advanced state of wear of the binoculars (has some places where the skin is missing -not shown in pics) I tend to belive this binoculars was used by the romanian army long after WW2 ended ( I heard the Romanian army still uses german WW2 ordonance -evan Mausers and Walthers! ).

Hope this helps.

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Post by Xavier » 09 Dec 2003 20:06


Thanks for the photos, for the rest of the forum members, the last picture shows the "reticle" as it should be seen inside the right lens of a dienstglas (service binoculars)

Specially seeking pieces with provenance or traceables (family inherited, from veterans, etc etc) and pieces with rare codes.

a link to a complete optics code list can be found here:

http://forum.axishistory.com//viewtopic ... highlight=


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Post by Xavier » 27 Dec 2003 19:28

updated december 28

still requesting data on pieces with provenance

thanks and a happy new year to everyone here on the forum!!


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Post by Xavier » 06 Feb 2004 23:02

updated several times between december and now, list has grown a little.

now, mostly, if you have a set can check if it falls into the "run-of the mill" category or a scarce piece.



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Pol Dienstglas

Post by JoeW » 11 Feb 2004 06:25

Hensoldt provided a great many 6x30 and 10x50 Polizei Dienstglas for the German Police System. The binoculars were simply marked with the Polizei Dienstglas and no acceptance mark, but the leather cases did bear the Eagle B acceptance mark of the German police Beschaffungsamt. I will try and assemble the serial numbers of police glasses for you.

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Post by Xavier » 13 Feb 2004 00:09


yes, thanks in advance, I have seen only one such set:

6x30 ,B, R, benutzer cap marked Pol-Dienstglas 6 x 30 108346 no makers mark, or code



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Post by Porsche » 18 Feb 2004 22:56

Xavier, great project. I have a pair of 6 x 30's Black with a Rice covering (I think) and no reticule. The markings are;
6 x 30
fzg +

They were given to me by a dealer (yes given) who told me that they came from a veteran who fought in Normandy. :)

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Post by antwerpx » 18 Mar 2004 17:43

My 6x30 dienstglas:

Spindler & Hoyer (Göthingen)
M H/6400

BTW Xavier, nice project, I haven't noticed this topic earlier
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Post by Xavier » 18 Mar 2004 18:41

Tnaks for the comments,

a good link to some 6x30 facts:




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Post by Erich » 18 Mar 2004 21:17

Xavier :

Impressive information you are gathering and it is needed. Please continue and you have my full support.........

Erich ♠

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Post by Xavier » 26 Apr 2004 17:55

Thansk for the comment Erich!!

I had considered adding market values to serial numbers, but it will do more harm than good.

for new collectors I am assembling a very general picture reference file on dienstglases:


mainly markings, finishes, stampings, etc
main database will be updated with another 50 or so numbers this week



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