Yad Vashem's Auschwitz Album

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Yad Vashem's Auschwitz Album

Post by Starinov » 19 Dec 2003 19:15

To whom it may come, Greetings:

I found, while surfing on the net, this photo album. The pictures show Hungarian Jews arriving at the Auschwitz ramp in may or june 1944. Those pictures were taken by two SS guards: Ernst Hofmann and Bernhard Walter. The Auschwitz Album is available here.

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Post by alf » 20 Dec 2003 22:57

Thankyou for posting this thread Starinov. I knew a lady who was a Hungerian Jew who arrived at Auschwitz in that time frame. The photos bring her memory back.

To many forget a simple fact that when talking of the Holocaust and War Crimes etc, its all about people. Those photos show ordinary people.

The Yad Vashem is an excellent resource centre.

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Helly Angel
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Post by Helly Angel » 23 Dec 2003 02:30

Yes, when the people talk about the Holocaust think is something far.

Is just about people.

These kids, these old people, these women were DEAD around two hours after this photo.

Were people not numbers in a stadistics.


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Post by 3threich » 10 Oct 2005 11:21

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Auschwitz Album

Post by lisset » 14 Oct 2005 09:50

I used this book when at Auschwitz earlier this year - it put the whole place in context.
Some who deny the holocaust will say photographs prove nothing and as such are meaningless.
As I said it put the camp in context , this same voice said that the people waiting in the birch wood were not killed.
The Birch Wood today still has the chill of death on it.

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