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Post by sdkfz182 » 15 Jan 2004 17:45


Also used on german side to destroy their artillery they had two
kinds of demolition charches special designed for that purpose.

There was the "Hohlringladung" that came in two different sizes, this
was a ring shaped charge that works after the hollow charge principle.
It could be detonated by any standard detonator.
The ring was put around the barrel and detonated, normally the barrel
was then cut in two pieces otherwise that bad damaged that barrel was
useles for further use.

Then there was the range of demolition charges called "Sprengpatrone Z"
where Z stands for "Zerstörladung". The according Sprengpatrone Z was
inserted as far as possible in the opened breech. It was detonated by
a standard use friction igniter attached with a piece of detonating cord
to the Sprengpatrone Z. According the diameter a HE charge was build
around a 100 gr. demolition charge who initiated the HE charge by use
of the friction igniter The Sprengpatrone Z existed in various calibers
which could be used for several kinds of weapons according their caliber.
The range was: Sprengpatrone Z. 34, 48, 72, 85, 102, 120, 150 and 370.
the number is the diameter in mm.


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Post by ChristopherPerrien » 15 Jan 2004 18:12

Good post Benno, I had forgotten about those ring charge demolitions.

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Post by gavmeister13 » 15 Jan 2004 18:48

did the Allies come up with anything similar?

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Post by Aufklarung » 15 Jan 2004 21:14

Good info Benno, thanx :)
gavmeister13 wrote:did the Allies come up with anything similar?
You mean aside from the plastic explosive stuffed in a sock and covered in axle grease= Sticky Bomb!! :lol:

A :)

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