1st Lehr Inf. Regt. (1937)

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1st Lehr Inf. Regt. (1937)

Post by Richard Murphy » 15 Jan 2004 00:51

Doing some research into Wolf Trierenberg and am not sure if the 1st Lehr Inf. Regt. (Which he led from 1st October 1937.) is the same as the 1st Inf. Regt.?

I think probably not, but, if not, where was his command located, and which, if any, division/Wkr. was it attached to?

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Stauffenberg II
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Post by Stauffenberg II » 15 Jan 2004 11:37


Here the situation as per as 01.01.1939:

Infanterieschule(Döberitz/Berlin): Hube Hans, Obst.
Infanterielehrregiment (Döberitz/Berlin): Trierenberg Wolf, Obst. i. G.
O. im Stab (Döberitz/Berlin): Rodenburg Karl, Obstlt.
I. Abt. (Döberitz/Berlin): Rappard von Friedrich, Obstlt.
II. Abt. (Döberitz/Berlin)
III. Abt. (Döberitz/Berlin): Jais Maximilian, Obstlt.

1. Infanteriedivision (Insterburg): Kortzfleisch von Joachim, Gen. Maj.
Ia (Insterburg): Steffler Johannes, Maj. i. G.
Infanterieregiment 1 (Königsberg i. OPr.): Weiß Walter, Obst. i. G.
I. Abt. (Königsberg i. OPr.): Chill Kurt, Obstlt.
II. Abt. (Königsberg i. OPr.)
III. Abt. (Königsberg i. OPr.)

btw: The Infantry School (and the Infanterielehrregiment) was located in the former Olympic City of Berlin 1936.

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