Guidelines for posting items for sale

WW1, Inter-War or WW2 related items you have for sale.
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Guidelines for posting items for sale

Postby Marcus Wendel » 15 Jan 2004 18:43

To make Selling and Buying a Safe and Enjoyable Experience the following Guidelines must be adhered to when Posting Items for SALE.

Abuse of the rules will lead to the listing being removed and possible banning from the Forum.

This section is open for all active members but not for companies that want to promote their business, they can use Google Adwords to advertise in the forum.


The Listings MUST include the following
  • A clear and unambiguous description of the items for sale.
  • The price of the items for sale.
  • Any reproductions must be clearly shown to be REPRODUCTION and listed as such in the subject title. No selling of FAKE items will be tolerated and any member found to be deliberately passing on Fake items as Originals will face Suspension.
  • A clear and detailed photograph of the item in question (note that the photos must be of the specific item sold, not of a similar item). Not required for books and similar items published post-war

The Listings WILL NOT include the following
  • Links to Commercial Websites (Collectors Websites or Auction websites such as eBay are permissible) without prior approval from the forum staff.
  • Links to Websites containing Racist, Abusive, Obscene, Offensive & Hate Material.

Note that spamming or repeated bumping in the For Sale section leading to the auctions of other members to be pushed out of view is not tolerated.

All Listings will be SOLD under the following Conditions

  • When an item is sold, please mark it as such so that other users are aware.
  • When an agreement has been made between Seller & Buyer. Both parties are expected to make contact quickly to arrange payment and shipping.
  • Shipping charges must be actual shipping costs. “Shipping and handling” charges are not permitted. Such charges must be included in the agreed price of the item. Postage paid should be the ACTUAL cost to ship..

  • Returns must be allowed by the seller for ANY reason for a period of SEVEN DAYS from when the buyer receives the item.
  • If there is any question on the originality of an item the buyer will have a period of THIRTY days to return the item. Lifetime guarantees are to be encouraged but are optional and will be arranged clearly between the two parties.

  • If a dispute occurs, both parties will be encouraged to attempt a quick resolution.

These rules are subject to change without notice

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