Nazi bureaucracy

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Jan Grönvik
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Nazi bureaucracy

Post by Jan Grönvik » 28 Jun 2002 07:39

After what I've heard and read, fields of responsibility often overlapped
each other in the nazi government, causing confusion and delays. The nazis built up "an army within an army" (SS), split up their nuclear
research on, if I remember right, three organizations, and so on.
Do you think that the outcome of the war would have been different if
they had "streamlined" their bureaucracy and planning?

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Jan Grönvik

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Post by Scragz » 28 Jun 2002 11:04

Gidday Jan

As far as I have been able to figure out the Nazi Top Brass (Mainly Hitler) believed that having multiple Departments duplicating work meant more of a chance of the job being finished quicker due to the competition.

I know it sounds very strange to have your own Govt Departments competing against each other but it did work. You have to remember the Nazi Govt was a deadly Govt, so what better way to curry favour with Hitler or Himmler or who-ever than to beat your workmate to the answer.

If Hitler wanted information on a particular person why leave it to one Dept when 5 departments could do it quicker racing each other.

Of course the downside to this form of Government is that Human nature being what it is will make people do desperate things to try to make the competition look bad and you wind up with Departments spending more time trying to foul each others nest instead of completing their asigned tasks, then nothing is achieved except paranoia and hatred.

I think if Hitler listened to his Generals instead of hating them, If he had abandend the V1 and V2 for the cheaper and more accurate anti aircraft rockets, if he could see his old cronies from the Putsch days as the useless people regards to Military operations, if he stopped producing Bombers and started producing fighters for Defence ...........if...........if..........if.........if



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