JU-87b Question

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JU-87b Question

Post by AdolfDettmer » 27 Jan 2004 00:36

Did the JU-87b "Stuka" have a bomb jettison feature such as the British Blenheim? As I have been told before that it did not, I was confused when I read the following passage in "JG-26:Top Guns of the Luftwaffe" by Donald Caldwell.

"Fifteen Hurricanes from Nos 501 and 151 suadrons were able to get to the Stukas before they were in turn struck by 109's. The Stukas jettisoned their bombs and scattered before the attack."

Any information regarding this would be appreciated. Did the pilots simply just drop their bombs like a normal run without aiming, or did they use a jettison feature that just dropped all the bombs.

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Re: JU-87b Question

Post by Cantankerous » 21 Jan 2021 03:46

Here's a link about Ju 87Bs being shot down during the Battle of Britain:
https://battleofbritain1940.com/entry/t ... gust-1940/ (one photo shows a crashed Ju 87B after its bombs were jettisoned).

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Re: JU-87b Question

Post by Grzesio » 21 Jan 2021 09:50

Yes, they had. There was an emergency bomb release handle (Notwurfgriff) in the upper right part of the main instrument panel. The fuzes of the bombs were to be set unarmed during emergency release over own territory and armed over enemy territory.

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