Internment of enemy civillians

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Post by Juha Tompuri » 05 Feb 2004 22:53

oleg wrote:
Juha Tompuri wrote:
oleg wrote:Soviet citezens whom remained on the territory ocupied by Finalnd were hoarded into concentartion camps.

Only a small minority of Soviet citezens whom remained on the territory ocupied by Finalnd were interned.

Regards, Juha
am I now?

as of November 1941 there was 11666 people in Finish concentartion camps
as of Decmeber of the same year - 20005 -mostly Russians.
In march of 1942 number grew to 23984. The number dropped to 15420 by the beggining of 1943 due to rather high moratlity rate and due to distrbution of the camp poulation to camps of the other kinds. In general during its pick cmap population ammounted to 27% of all occupied population.

You first wrote that Soviet citizens were sent to the camps. As you didn´t mention about any other "placements" of them your post ment all Soviet citizens.

Soviet citizens:
-late -41: 86119, of them interned
November-41 11166 = ca.13%
December-41 20005 = ca.23%
March-42 23984 = ca.27%
Early-43 15240 = ca.18%
Early-44 14917 = ca.18% Total population at that moment 83385

Regards, Juha

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