Fallschirmjäger-Regiment (Mot) "Barenthin"

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Fallschirmjäger-Regiment (Mot) "Barenthin"

Post by Richard Murphy » 03 Jul 2002 07:01

Despite having several books and print-outs relating to the Fsj., I can find no details on the origins of this unit, which served in Tunisia as part of Division von Broich (Later von Manteuffel) from mid-November 1942 until the end in May 1943.

When was this unit formed? Where did it draw is manpower from? Was Barenthin the only one of the senior officers from the regiment evacuated before the fall of Tunis?

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Lw.Rgt. Barenthin

Post by fgopper » 03 Jul 2002 19:00


This is all that i have on this unit. Hope it is of some use to you.

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Lw.Rgt. Barenthin/

http://www.ww2.dk/ground/infanterie/lwbaren.htm - Michael Holm
Luftwaffen-Regiment Barenthin

GenMaj Walter Barenthin, 1.11.42 - 10.3.43
Oberst Hanns Baier, 10.4.43 - 5.43

Formed 11.42 in Tunesia from various parachute and other ad-hoc units. Destroyed there 5.43.


I. 1-4, II. 6-8, III. (Flak) 9-11

Posted by Hardy on March 07, 2001 at 01:46:31 from / bc-cgr-a53-01-79.look.ca
In Reply to: Re: @Hardy or others: What is known about the Luftwaffen-Jäger-Brigade?? or the LwR Barenthin?? posted by Michi on March
06, 2001 at 15:05:30:

After the Defeat at El Alamein and the retreat of the Panzerarmee Afrika to the west, replacements where needed. On Nov.09.42 Student ordered Fsch.Jg.Regt.5, Oberstleutnant Koch (since early Nov. in Italy) and the newly formed Korps-Pionier-Batl.21, Major Witzig to secure the airfields of La Marsa, El Aouina and Tunis. The FJ-Bataillons I, Major Hans Jungwirt and III, Major Wilhelm Knoche, were moved by train from Mourmelon to Caserta. From there the 10.Komp. under Leutnant Baitinger built an advance unit that flew on Nov.11 from Napoli over Trapani to El Aouina, Tunisia. The III./Batl.FJR5 arrived at La Marsa on Nov.12.42. Hauptmann Schirmer with his Group of Fallschirmjaeger and FJ-Kp.Sauer arrived two days earlier on Nov.10. (FJ-Kp. Sauer was build on Nov.08 in Athens, out of the rest of 27 companies and batteries from the Ramcke Brigade, led by Hauptmann Paul Sauer. They were transported by air to Brindisi then to Catania and finally to Tunis.) The I.Batl.FJR5 with Hauptmann Jungwirt landed on Nov.15. at La Marsa airfield. On Nov.18.1942 Oberst Barenthin, former staff officer in the XI.Fl.K. and now Korps-Pionierfuehrer arrived with Panzerjaeger- Flak- and Werfer-Einheiten and took over the lead as Kampfgruppenfuehrer in the area Mateur in the North of Tunisia (FJR "Barenthin").
If you want more Info let me know.

Lw.Rgt. Berenthin/Lw.Jäger-Brig.

You probably already have this, but this is what Tessin has on Lw.Rgt. Berenthin:

Formed 11.42 in Tunesia from various parachute and other ad-hoc units. Destroyed there 5.43.

I. 1-4, II. 6-8, III. (Flak) 9-11

From http://www.ww2.dk/ground/infanterie/lwbaren.htm - Michael Holm w/s:
GenMaj Walter Barenthin, 1.11.42 - 10.3.43
Oberst Hanns Baier, 10.4.43 - 13.5.43

As for Lw.Jäger-Brig., this is all i have. It’s from Nafziger (p. 170 u. 198), so consider the source:

Formed from elmts of Brig. Ramcke on 15.Aug.42 with:
---I./FSJ.Rgt. 3
---II. u. III./Luftlande-Sturm-Rgt.
---Lw.Rgt. Barenthin

Destroyed in Tunis 1.May.43

Posted by Michi on March 07, 2001 at 08:35:44 from / 535a.jkh.uni-linz.ac.at
In Reply to: Re: @Hardy or others: What is known about the Luftwaffen-Jäger-Brigade?? or the LwR Barenthin?? posted by Hardy on
March 07, 2001 at 01:46:31:

My infos about the LwJBrig in Tunisia are very limited.

CO: ???
2ndCO: Maj. Hans KROH

I./FJR 3
CO: Hptm. Günther STAEHLER-POHL (KC on 10/05/43)

Other officers within this brigade were:

Maj. Walter BURCKHARDT LwJBrig 1 (GCG 17/10/43!!)
Maj. Friedrich HÜBNER ?/LwJBrig 1 (GCG 23/12/42)
Hptm. Werner GRÄLER ?/LwJBrig 1 (GCG 01/10/44!!)
Olt. Kurt LAUK 2./FJR 3 (GCG 24/06/43!)
Olt. Adolf PEISER 4./FJR 3 (GCG 16/08/43!)
Lt. Friedrich SCHOLZ 2./FJR 3 (GCG 01/03/43)
Lt. Heinz TODT verst.Btl/LwJBrig 1 (GCG 26/11/43!!)

The dates show the date of awarding at the mentioned units in Tunisia!!!
Some received their award more than half a year after the surrender of North Africa.

Posted by jerry on March 31, 2001 at 14:27:39 from / cvl232096.columbus.rr.com
In Reply to: Division / Kampfgruppe von Manteuffel on Nord Tunisian Front posted by Peter on March 31, 2001 at 12:56:29:

When the allies landed in N. Africa in November 1942 the Germans rushed several small units to Tunisia to combat any allied advance eastward and protect Panzer Armee Afrika's rear as it withdrew from Libya. These various independant units (Fallschirmjägers, etc.) were grouped together in to the ad hoc "Division von Broich" named for the commander Oberst Fritz v.Broich. When v.Broich took over command of 10th Panzerdivision in February 1943, Oberst Hasso von Manteuffel took over "Division von Broich" and it became "Division von Manteuffel".

Posted by Richard Murphy on March 31, 2001 at 15:01:33 from / ad11-s16-130-200-227.cwcom.net
In Reply to: Re: Division / Kampfgruppe von Manteuffel on Nord Tunisian Front posted by jerry on March 31, 2001 at 14:27:39:

The "division" was composed of the Fallschirmjäger Regt. (Mot.) "Barenthin", Inf. Btn. T3 (Hastily organised "Marsch" units) and the Italian 10th Bersagliari Regt. Support was provided by three batteries of artillery (One of which was motorised), a Recce Co., and Fallschirmjäger pioneer btl. By the end of the Tunisian campaign (Von Manteuffel handed command over to Generalleutnant Bülowius, the former Chief Engineering officer at Pz. Army Afrika, at the end of March.) the Marsch battalion had been expanded and upgraded to 160th Panzergrenadier Regt. and a Lw. Flak Kampftruppe had been added, but the Artillery element had been reduced to one motorised battery.

Source; Bender & Law; Uniforms, Organisation and History of the Afrikakorps. R. J. Bender Publishing, 1973

Posted by Ron Klages on April 10, 2001 at 11:46:51 from / 13.seattle15rh15rt.wa.dial-access.att.net
In Reply to: Sonderverband z.b.V 288... posted by Timo on April 10, 2001 at 08:07:51:

To add a bit more data to Timo's response regarding StuG Battery 90.

StuG Brigade 242 was formed in November 1942 at the Jüterborg Troop Training Area. The battalion was selected for employment in Africa. However, only the 1st Battery went to North Africa. Batteries 2 and 3 were diverted to the southeast, to Hungary in October 1942.

The 1st Battery under the command of Hauptmann Benz with six StuG III F/8 traveled by rail over the Brenner Pass to Naples. In Naples it was transported to Sicily via Siebel ferries. During the sea movement from Trapania, Sicily to Tunis the unit was attacked several times loosing two StuGs and a prime mover with a trailer to the sea. Upon arrival in Tunis the battery was attached to Artillery-Rgt. 90 of the 90. leichte "Africa" Division. Hence, the renaming as StuG Battery 90. While in Africa it fought with Fallschirm-Regt. "Barenthin" in the northern sector of the Tunisian Front. This was after it was attached to Fallschirm-Brigade "Ramcke". Fighting in the mountains the unit was used as a force to hold back the approaching allies. On May 11 the unit was in Cape Bon Peninsula where they surrendered to the British. The men of the battery went into captivity and a POW camp at Medjez el Bab. Also part of the battery was handed over to the French to participate in forced labor. At the end of July 1943 the battery members were sent to the United States and the Huntsville Camp in Texas. Release came in February 1946. Upon arrival in Le Harve France the members were again taken prisoner by the French and put to work in lead mines until their final release in December 1948.

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