The Role Of The U.S.- In The Death Camps

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The Role Of The U.S.- In The Death Camps

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Germany had certainly developed its own body of eugenic knowledge and library of publications. Yet German readers still closely followed American eugenic accomplishments as the model: biological courts, forced sterilisation, detention for the socially inadequate, debates on euthanasia. As America's elite were describing the socially worthless and the ancestrally unfit as "bacteria," "vermin," "mongrels" and "subhuman", a superior race of Nordics was increasingly seen as the answer to the globe's eugenic problems. US laws, eugenic investigations and ideology became blueprints for Germany's rising tide of race biologists and race-based hatemongers.

One such agitator was a disgruntled corporal in the German army. In 1924, he was serving time in prison for mob action. While there, he spent his time poring over eugenic textbooks, which extensively quoted Davenport, Popenoe and other American ethnological stalwarts. And he closely followed the writings of Leon Whitney, president of the American Eugenics Society, and Madison Grant, who extolled the Nordic race and bemoaned its "corruption" by Jews, Negroes, Slavs and others who did not possess blond hair and blue eyes. The young German corporal even wrote one of them fan mail.

One day in the early 1930s, Whitney visited Grant to show off a letter he had just received from Germany, written by the corporal, now out of prison and rising in the German political scene. Grant could only smile. He pulled out his own letter. It was from the same German, thanking Grant for writing The Passing of the Great Race. The fan letter called Grant's book "his Bible". The man who sent those letters was Adolf Hitler.

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Post by alf » 08 Feb 2004 05:58

A simple case of "great minds think alike and fools seldom differ"

Human stupidity, rasicism etc are not limited to one time or place (or race).

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Katzen-Ellenbogen, Dr. med. Edwin (c. 1883-?) – German psychiatrist; drafted a law allowing sterilization of epileptics, criminals and incurably insane for the state of New Jersey; former faculty member of Harvard Medical School; service (as prisoner-physician), concentration camp (Konzentrationslager - KL) Buchenwald {arrested and put on trial 11 Apr 1947 by an American military tribunal at Dachau for the mistreatment and murder of allied nationals at KL Buchenwald (NYT 12 Apr 1947:5:4; NYT 15 Apr 1947:8:5; NYT 11 Jul 1947:6:3); convicted 12 Aug 1947 (NYT 13 Aug 1947:14:4); sentenced to life imprisonment 14 Aug 1947 (NYT 15 Aug 1947:5:2; LT 15 Aug 1947:4g; History of the United Nations War Crimes Commission and the Development of the Laws of War p. 535, United Nations War Crimes Commission, London: HMSO, 1948; Third Reich Factbook - Marcus Wendel and Dean Robson, "Buchenwald Trial," ... enwald.htm); sentence reduced to 15 years by Military Governor Lucius D. Clay in 1948 (NYT 30 Sept 1948:11:6); released 26 Sept 1953 (NYT 27 Sept 1953:3:6) .(}

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Post by Georg_S » 08 Feb 2004 08:50


Does anyone know what happened to him after his release?
Did he stay in Germany or did he went back to US?

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