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Re: War Reinacting

Post by Lustmolch » 17 Nov 2003 15:17

Helmut Wick wrote:I cant figure out how the reinactors get the Kar98 to work(its not quite as good with the real bullets). D they use Duds or training rounds?
And is the weapons Original?
Cause its not allowed to make the Rifles and MP38 with the Reich eagle, is it?
Back when I was involved in re enactment, the guys I used to hire my weapons from had a full Section 5 firearms licence, enabling them to hold fully automatic, live firing weapons. With a bolt action rifle, all we did was to chamber and fire standard blank ammunition but with pieces like MP40, MG 34 etc, they fitted restrictors into the barrels to give enough back pressure to ensure that the actions would still function with blank ammunition.

Tip. Even though a blank round has no bullet in it, there is still a fair amount of debris shot out of the barrel (bits of unburnt powder, wadding etc) and this can still cause injury within a certain radius. Our standard procedure was to aim into the air or the ground within this "danger zone", so we could still claim a "kill" without taking someone's eye out.

The majority of the weapons they held were all genuine 1940s pieces, bought at arms fairs and auctions.

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