Katyn, Injustice and the IMT

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Post by Marcus » 15 Aug 2004 21:13

Sergey Romanov wrote:
Here is a site that claims that Germans were found guilty by a Soviet court for the crime of Katyn.


Sergey Romanov should note that it is one of Marcus Wendel's sites, not one linked to David Irving.
Michael Mills should note that this site does not give any sources for its claims.
That info was provided by the forum member Schmauser in case anyone want to ask him about his sources.


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Sergey Romanov
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Post by Sergey Romanov » 15 Aug 2004 21:22

If Schmauser reads this part of the forum, I hope he will respond. Meanwhile I'll stick to my sources (see above).

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Colonel Albert Bedenk

Post by Derek Hicks » 31 May 2007 14:57

I have been researching this particular German Officer for some years and wonder if anyone out there has a photo of him. Naturally I will be only too happy to purchase same. Please reply '[email protected]'.
Thanks in anticipation
Derek Hicks

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