Timelife, Civil War

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Timelife, Civil War

Post by MICHAELM82 » 13 Jul 2002 22:49

Wondering if anyone knows how to get the Timelife books on the Civil War?Im looking for the set of books on the subject.
If you know what Im talking about, would you know where to find them?I tried Timelife in the search engine but the onely match that came up was Timelife music not books!
How many are in that set anyways?I have Gettysburg and would like to have the rest.
Michael :)

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Post by Ogorek » 24 Jul 2002 00:00

You could try this: http://www.researchonline.net/catalog/time1.htm

Or you could start check OP bookstores

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White Leopard
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E-Bay All the Way!

Post by White Leopard » 15 Aug 2002 01:55

Try signing up on the flea-market of the internet, E-Bay. I have gotten almost all the books I own via E-bay. It's easy and can be very cheap. There are very few scams or frauds in the book market on E-Bay. I've never had a problem with getting the book/books I paid for. :wink:

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