The lifestyle of The High Ranking Prussian Officer

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Leutnant wrote:Wasn't Rommel from Schwaben?
Don't think he was a Prussian.
Yes, he was Swabian. I think the Prussians were predominant still, at least for the higher ranks, but there were many exceptions. Jodl - often described as an arch-enemy of the general staff - was Bavarian. So was Halder, and also Dietl. I don't know, but this may have given Hitler a better impression of them.

Keitel was from Saxony. His brother was a general too. Kesselring may have been from the Saarland, but I am not sure.

Comparatively many SS officers were Austrian.

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Shrek wrote:Blomberg treated Hitler with barely concealed contempt, a major reason why he was intrigued out of his position on false charges.
The details of Blomberg's demise are to be found here: ... sc&start=0

Off-Topic as it may be, his image as a victim might as well have been created to reward his testimonies in the Nuremberg Trial - if one judges the facts, he appears as the stupidest German Marshal ever :P

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