I./KG Z.b.v. and K.Gr. Z.b.v. 172 Losses May 1940

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I./KG Z.b.v. and K.Gr. Z.b.v. 172 Losses May 1940

Post by Kriegsberichter » 31 May 2004 15:28

I./KG Z.b.v. and K.Gr. Z.b.v. 172 Losses May 1940. Can someone help me with the number of losses, if possible for the period 10-14 May 1940 by Day?

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German transport losses KG zbV 1 KGr zbV 172

Post by brustcan » 06 Jun 2004 01:21

For the attack on Holland the Luftwaffe deployed 430 Ju-52's. Losses in the short 4 day period from May 10 to 14th were very high. An example was that the flak at Ypenburg was so fierce, that out of 13 Ju-52's, 11 were shot down in flames! Transport losses were 167 destroyed, and 100 plus damaged. These losses were replaced by the end of 1940 by production of Ju-52's. The biggest loss was in pilots. The Luftwaffe did not have enough pilots for the transport machines needed for the invasion. The pilots were instructors from the training schools. Their loss had an immediate effect on the training of new pilots. Cheers brustcan

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