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For Angelo

Post by Dan » 22 Mar 2002 14:51

Angelo, if you have any opinions about this:

About Marconi

and this: ... 00302.html

could you open a thread on the Germany's allies forum?

I've always had a high opinion of Marconi.


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Post by Angelo » 22 Mar 2002 21:45

I'm thanking you, Dan, for passing me the news about the recent alleged discovery of a possible Marconi's involvement in a process of discrimination of Jew would-be-accademics before the notorious and shameful racial laws of 1938. I was caught completely off-guard by that news and I'm just starting to investigate the best I can into that matter.
My surprise is just as big as the admiration I still have for Marconi as an inventor. I already read very carefully both documents you kindly offered to my attention and I'm just astonished. Just as if somebody told me that my father cooperated with the S.S. during the war. This gives you an idea of my feelings at this very moment.
I just need to dig deeper into that (if I'm lucky and good enough to do it) before I can objectively comment on the whole story.

As for opening a topic in the Germany's allies forum, I'll do it right now. That's one way to get help on the subject from all those who are interested. Being Italian, I think everybody understands I'm feeling quite anxious to know more on such a new, and to me totally unexpected, piece of news concerning one of the greatest men in the history of mankind.

Thanks again, Dan.


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