Abote Wansse meeting

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Abote Wansse meeting

Post by ihoyos » 08 Jul 2004 19:53

The Holocaust is a fact. 5 to 7 million people, germans, jews, gypsies, ills etc were sistematic killed for the Third Reich criminal machinary.
But, the question is: Was Wansse conference, vital or basic, or point to sart for this genocide?
In my opinion wansee was only another meeting, problably in 1942 2 0 3 millon people were already dead for German State. ( I mean before such famous meeting).
In my opinion the relevance of this meeting is exagerated, and this deformed the true.
What if the protocol Nr 16 of this meeting never survided the war?
I always in my studies about the third reich pretty soon I get info about the Holocaust, I didnt need nothing about Wansse to understand the mass murders.
In my opinion the facts abot the Wansse meeting are so fragiles that the holocaust deniers found in this conffrence, too many elements for the denial position.
Wansse is a nice house is a nice musseum, but was not the first, was not the only or the most important meeting of the naziz to planing the holocaust.

David Thompson
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Post by David Thompson » 08 Jul 2004 20:57

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Post by Toivo » 08 Jul 2004 21:08

Interesting points but don't expect any objective, non-emotional discussion.

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