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Discussions on the Holocaust and 20th Century War Crimes. Note that Holocaust denial is not allowed. Hosted by David Thompson.
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Post by Phil V » 02 Aug 2004 05:19

Beppo Schmidt wrote:
Any garden can be beautiful, if you weed it.
Prost, Herr Thompson! I and most other members come on this forum to read useful historical information and interesting, civil, sensible discussions, not neo-Nazis posting their crap alleging that millions of people mysteriously disappeared, and that the Jews somehow even got the SS to go along with their "hoax".

I would also like to see tougher enforcement of these rules to cleanse this forum of the aforementioned forum parasites, but judging by what I have seen on other similar forums, I am just grateful that this one actually enforces its rules at all.
Very well put.


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