Documents on the Nazi occupation of Poland 1939-1944

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Document L-53: Clearance of Prisons [translation], in Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. Volume VII: US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1947. pp. 814-815.
Commandant of the Sipo and SD for the Radom District
Branch Office Tomaschow.
Received 24 July 1944
1225 Dept. IVL Diary No. 22/44
Radom 21 July 1944
Commandant of the Sipo and SD for the Radom District.


To: The Branch Office for the attention of SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Thiel or acting deputy in Tomaschow.

Reference: None.

The Commander of the Sipo and SD in the General Government issued the following order in his teletype message No. 14002 dated 20 July 1944, IV 6 No. 82/44 Top Secret:

I again stress the fact that the number of inmates of the Sipo and SD prisons must be kept as low as possible. In the present situation, particularly those suspects, handed over by the Civil Police [Ordnungspolizei] need only be subjected to a short, formal interrogation, provided there are no serious grounds for suspicion. They are then to be sent by the quickest route to a concentration camp, should no court-martial proceedings be necessary or should there be no question of discharge. Please keep the number of discharges very low. Should the situation at the front necessitate it, early preparations are to be made for the total clearance of prisons. Should the situation develop suddenly in such a way that it is impossible to evacuate the prisoners, the prison inmates are to be liquidated and their bodies disposed of as far as possible (burning, blowing up the building, etc.). If necessary, Jews still employed in the armament industry or on other work are to be dealt with in the same way.

The liberation of prisoners or Jews by the enemy, be it the WB or the Red Army, must be avoided under all circumstances nor may they fall into their hands alive.

The above is to be noted and strictly complied with.

[signature illegible]

The Commandant of the Sipo and SD for the Radom District
Branch Office Tomaschow
IV L 22/44
Top Secret.

[in writing] Tomaschow 26.7.44 Top Secret

SS-Obersturmfuehrer Pruess personally within the office for his information.

By order: [signature illegible]

Information received 25/7
[signed] Preuss
[in writing] Tomaschow 25.7.44

The Commandant Sipo and SD in the Radom District
IV L 22/44
Top Secret.

The 1. Direction of depts. III, V and the technical direction of IV 1, IV 2, IV 3, and IV 6 have been informed.

2. returned [?] IV L

By order: [Signed] R.

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The posts on whether the Nazi mass murder policies were based on previous communist crimes now have a thread of their own, at:

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From Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, vol. VII, US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1946, p. 818.

Speech by Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler at Bad Schachen, 14th October 1943, Pages 23, 30.


I consider that in dealing with members of a foreign country, especially some Slav nationality, we must not start from German points of view and we must not endow these people with decent German thoughts and logical conclusions of which they are not capable, but we must take them as they really are.

Obviously in such a mixture of peoples there will always be some racially good types. Therefore I think that it is our duty to take their children with us, to remove them from their environment, if necessary by robbing or stealing them * * * Either we win over any good blood that we can use for ourselves and give it a place in our people or * * * we destroy this blood.

* * * * * * *

For us the end of this war will mean an open road to the East, the creation of the Germanic Reich in this way or that . . . the fetching home of 30 million human beings of our blood, so that still during our lifetime we shall be a people of 120 million Germanic souls. That means that we shall be the sole decisive power in Europe. That means that we shall then be able to tackle the peace, during which we shall be willing for the first twenty years to rebuild and spread out our villages and towns, and that we shall push the borders of our German race 500 Kilometres further out to the East.

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Outstanding work.
Proves what my grandma told me as being the unvarnished truth.

I dont think people in the western countries have a clue about a typical german action in a town or a city caled by the poles "lapanka" (loosely catching action). Basically the germans and possibly polish collaborating police would drive trucks on both sides of a street, and disgorge gendermes or SS troops on both sides of a street. They wuold then systematically check papers and question everyone on that stretch of the street.

If your papers were not in order, or the german questioning you simply didnt like you for some reason, next day you would be in a closed train to work in a factory manufacturing weapons for the Wehrmacht as a slave. If you work badly and do bad quality work, you would be shot for sabotage. And the food provided was not the best quality, and the hours were long. Also any german supervisor could (and many did) like to torment the sub humans, poles, russians, french, etc. Some were more humane than others.

Also many times during a "lapanka" germans lined up men who had the wrong papers, were suspected of being partisans, etc, and simply put them against the wall and shot them. Right there on the street.

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Re: Documents on the Nazi occupation of Poland 1939-1944

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