Italian war song desperately needed

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Italian war song desperately needed

Post by Musashi » 27 Jul 2004 22:53

My friends make a mod for Close Combat IV, Monte Cassino. We think about attaching an Italian song.
I heard a very fine Italian song in the Polish comedy "How I unleashed World War II". It was a medium fast, joyful song and its refrain contained a word "guerra". Could you help me to find it? It would be very suitable for this mod.
Having browsed this forum I found the site however I don't understand Italian and can't find any song there.

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Post by DrG » 28 Jul 2004 00:44

The site that had been linked now is down. :( But... there is another page with a lot of songs of WW2 (this time only Italian): (there are also many texts, click on the symbol of Internet Explorer near the titles to read them).
I have thought about the song that you are looking for, but I admit I don't remember any song with the word "guerra" (that means "war", like in Spanish) in the refrain.

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