Nazi economy..

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Nazi economy..

Post by Illion » 10 Aug 2002 00:07

I've read about the party's increasing growth of money after '33..
but is there anyone that knows what happen pre-'33?
How did they finance.. I belive that Hitlers books didn't get all that much of attention until what.. '28?

I've read a bit about their corporativism.. but this wasn't until later..



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Post by Linlu » 10 Aug 2002 00:41

Hi all,

Mein Kampf was an utter failure when it was published. I think Hitler knew of a few rich men who joined the National Socialist movement that founded him.
Plus, he could've got donations from the party rallies in beer halls that he held. :D

- Linlu :mrgreen:

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Walther Darré
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Post by Walther Darré » 10 Aug 2002 18:41

I think I read in a book about the women around the Nazi "jet sets", that women married to big enterprisers liked Hitler so much they convinced their husbands to donate money to him and the party.

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Post by Geli » 11 Aug 2002 04:00

Funding was provided by the common man as well. Party members paid dues.

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Post by AndyW » 11 Aug 2002 11:48

In late 1932, the NSDAP was almost bankrupt and very close to a split-up between the Hitler-fraction and the Strasser-fraction.

Only money given from conservative industrial circles and Strassers reluctance to openly oppose Hitler saved the day for the NSDAP.


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