Independence of Bavaria from Germany

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Walther Darré
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Independence of Bavaria from Germany

Post by Walther Darré » 10 Aug 2002 13:19

I don't remember where I read it, it could have been in Mein Kampf, but anyway I read that the founder of the "German Workers' Party" talked to Hitler (or was it an audience?) about making Bavaria an independent country. Then it says that Hitler replied with a long and furious monologue about why not. My question is: Does anyone know what Hitler actually replied on the issue?

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Post by Steve » 13 Aug 2002 00:19

My Biography says that on the 12th Sept. 1919 Hitler attended a meeting of the German Workers Party at which a Professor Baumann spoke in favour of separatism. Hitler intervened and wiped the floor with him, afterwards Dexler the Party chairman asked him to join and is reported as saying "Goodness he`s got a job we could use him". Captain Mayr Hitlers commander later claimed he ordered Hitler to join and provided him with funds to help the partys growth as the army was fostering anti-Bolshevik parties.

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White Leopard
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Lost to the Ages

Post by White Leopard » 13 Aug 2002 00:32

Sorry Walter, but Steve's entry is pretty much all you will get. Every book I have read contains a description of what happened that is similar to Steve's post and nothing else. The exact words were noted by nobody. because Hitler was nobody at the time.

One book did state however, that the subject which provoked Hitler wasn't exactly the separation of Bavaria from Prussia and the rest of Germany, but the separation of Bavaria from Germany and a subsequent union of Bavaria to Austria. The author of that particular book thinks that it was mention of Austria that pulled Hitler's chain and caused him to stop short and speak out.

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