Göring and Himmler's disloyalty to Hitler

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Walther Darré
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Göring and Himmler's disloyalty to Hitler

Post by Walther Darré » 10 Aug 2002 17:58

I am reading in Hitler's political testament that Göring and Himmler were expelled from their offices due to disloyalty. What had they done?

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Post by Linlu » 10 Aug 2002 18:06

Hi Walther and all,

Goering was an incompetent fool. He and Himmler both were defeatists. Himmler was negotiating surrender secretly (but the fuehrer found out)

- Linlu :mrgreen:

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Post by Marcus » 10 Aug 2002 18:12

linluz wrote:Goering was an incompetent fool.

I disagree, he was a drug addict however.

linluz wrote:He and Himmler both were defeatists.

They rather had a more realistic view of the situation than Hitler.


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Post by scatcat » 10 Aug 2002 22:31

I think we can conclude Goering was an incompetent fool. Maybe not as big one as his boss, but nevertheless. He was more intent on his personal prestige than on the efficiency of the German war effort.

From Hitlers perspective they were defaitist. But I concur with Marcus Wendel, they had far more realistic view than Hitler about the TR's capability to persevere.

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Post by Eva » 11 Aug 2002 01:10

And just before Hitler wrote his final will(s) (24 April 1945), Goering had made a big boo-boo. Goering had sent Hitler a message in the bunker assuming that Hitler's order of June 29, 1941 should be carried out, making Goering the head of the party and the state
"My Fuhrer,is it your wish, in view of your decision to stay in Berlin, that I take over complete control of the Reich"

Hitler didn't take too kindly to this and ordered Goering be placed under house arrest
And just 2 days before Hitler's suicide, he had learned of Himmler's negotiations with the enemy, and with that news- out went Hitler's last hope for victory. It was that night that he dictated his last will(s) to Traudl Junge. Both 'betrayals' were fresh in his mind when he was forming the new government in his head and on paper.


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Dan W.
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Post by Dan W. » 11 Aug 2002 01:39

Goering was an incompetent fool. He and Himmler both were defeatists. Himmler was negotiating surrender secretly (but the fuehrer found out

I wouldn't classify Goering and Himmler as defeatists. I would classify them as fantasists. Himmler was delusional to think that by negotiating the fate of a handful of Jews with the Swedish Red Cross and Count Bernadotte he could somehow save his skin when the Allies defeated Germany.

And Goering proved his own grip with reality when he made his grandiose statement to Hitler he could provide the 6th Army with a couple hundred tons of supplies a day from the Luftwaffe. And there are many others like that one.

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