Russian Armored Cars

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Russian Armored Cars

Post by pkenny » 26 Aug 2004 02:48

I hope this isnt too far off the mark as this is the Axis History Forum, but I would like to see pictures of Russian WW2 and earlier Armored Cars including but not limited to the FAI, BA-27, D-8, D-12, BA-64,etc.

Thanks in Advance


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Post by Resterbornius » 26 Aug 2004 03:33

Here are some of these typs to find.

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Post by Leeward » 26 Aug 2004 03:39

here it goes.

enjoy youself, and, if you are interested in captured soviet ACs, i will post some more here.


a captured BA20, which was called, i think, BA202(r) in german service, was on a railway.

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Post by Juha Hujanen » 26 Aug 2004 13:52

From Finnish Armour Museum in Parola:


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