British 2nd Armoured Division for Rasputin

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British 2nd Armoured Division for Rasputin

Post by Andy H » 24 Mar 2002 11:42

2nd Armoured Division

Formed on December 15th 1939 in the United Kingdom

Divisional HQ captured on April 8th 1941 in Libya

Division was disbanded May 10th 1941

List of Commanders

15/12/39 Maj Gen F.Hotblack
17/04/40 Brig C.Norrie-acting
10/05/40 Maj Gen J.Tilly-died 05/01/41
16/01/41 Brig H.Latham-acting
12/02/41 Maj Gen M.Gambier-Parry, POW 08/04/41

Divisional Troops

Royal Armoured Corp

Kings Dragoon Guards 24/01/41-09/05/41


2nd Armoured Signals 04/03/40-08/04/41

Royal Engineers

3rd Field Squadron 10/06/40-26/02/41
142nd Field Park Squadron 07/02/41-26/02/41
142nd Field Park Troop 10/06/40-06/02/41


1st Light Armd Brigade 19/01/40-13/04/40
22nd Heavy Armd Brig 15/01/40-13/04/40
1st Armd Brig*** 14/04/40-27/02/41
22nd Armd Brig 14/04/40-12/10/40
3rd Armd Brig 05/10/40-31/01/41 & 20/03/41-08/04/41
2nd Support Group 05/02/40-08/04/41

*** The Division operated as orginally as formed. The Div HQ took over units already in Libya; HQ 7th Armd Div RE with 4th Field Sqn 7 143rd Field Park Troop was attached from 24/03/41-08/04/41.

Again I'll post Brigade OoB later

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