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Post by BAZ » 23 Oct 2004 05:43

General Patton wrote:. However, both of them hold the view that they hate war movies because they'll either hate it becuase its inaccurate or hate it because it is accurate. Regards,
Exactly!! It's a Catch 22 (hey, now THERE'S a movie). Anyone who HASN'T experienced combat, can NEVER really know how it is. Those that have, wish they hadn't!! War is Hell, as we know, but sometimes Hollywood has a way of "numbing" our senses to the true horrors.
The opening of SPR IS horrific. But, when you have the DVD and watch it whenever you want, I feel lessens the impact. It's like a car crash.I live in Tribeca, three blocks north of the World Trade Center, and the things we witnessed on that day are NOT conversation pieces. I can fully understand a vet not wanting to retell a tale of all his friends being ripped to shreds by enemy MG fire. Much less seeing it turned into entertainment. :|

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General Patton
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Post by General Patton » 24 Oct 2004 02:53

Roger that.

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Post by WalterS » 25 Oct 2004 15:02

I like many of the movies already mentioned, especially "Das Boot," "Patton," "A Bridge Too Far."

I would also like to add to the list the fine production of "Lawrence of Arabia." I think it is an outstanding film which sheds light on a little known part of WW I. Peter O'Toole's portrayal of TE Lawrence is simply brilliant.

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Christian W.
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Post by Christian W. » 06 Nov 2004 19:42

A bridge too far. :)

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Post by Craig » 09 Nov 2004 14:55

I can't believe that no one has mentioned Gallipoli, with Mel Gibson.

Are you people insane? :idea:

You need to go and see this immediately!! :o

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Mushroom Cloud
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Post by Mushroom Cloud » 09 Nov 2004 18:26

Band of Brothers
Enemy At the Gates
The World At War (If documentaries are counted)

Paths of Glory
All Quiet on the Western Front
Full Metal Jacket
No Man's Land

"Best War Movies" and "Best Movies" are interchangeable.

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Post by Jurrie » 09 Nov 2004 22:17

Craig wrote:I can't believe that no one has mentioned Gallipoli, with Mel Gibson.

Are you people insane? :idea:

You need to go and see this immediately!! :o
Eu, never heard of it:D

Maybe i Should see it :D


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Post by Gebirgsjaeger » 09 Nov 2004 22:54

Well you all should do some research at edonkey. There are some very good German movies from the 50´s and 60´s there that I like. Try "Haien and kleine Fishe", "08/15" (actually three movies about a German artillery batallion from basic training in 1939 until the very end of the war - great stuff!), "Hunden wollt ihr ewing leben" (again a movie about a German artillery officer that winds up in the horrors of the Stalingrad pocket), "Die Brandenburger" (a movie about the German Brandenburger special unit, showing missions in Romania and Russia), "Die grunen Teufel von Monte Cassino" (about German Fallshirmjagers before and during the Cassino Battles).

Take a look at them! They´re cool!

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Post by Keltixx » 15 Nov 2004 20:01

I was reviewing this topic for movie ideas and remembered that I had an old video copy of Paths of Glory tucked away some where. Took some time to run it to earth, but glad I did. It is a good copy off off PBS in the US about 15 years ago.

I had forgotten just how good this movie is. If you have not seen it in a while, or never seen it, find a copy for this weekend.

On the same tape I also have a copy of a movie I had forgotten about and no one has mentioned, King Rat. Based on an early, and superb novel by James Clavell, it is about survival in the Changi Prison Camp, a Japanese POW camp near Singapore. The Japanese hardly figure in it at all, as I recall, it is about the prisoners and about survival, and about what honor is and is not. Plan to watch it tomorrow night after work. Hope it is as good as I remember.

Ciao - Jeffrey

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Post by soldat_m56 » 20 Nov 2004 00:31

The 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front was I thought well done.
Another good World War I movie is the Blue Max about German fighter pilots. Good aerial combat scenes.

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Post by P-51 Baby » 22 Nov 2004 02:31

Fav WWII Movies:

Band of Brothers
Enemy at the Gates
Empire of the Sun (overall emotionally haunting movie)
Memphis Belle (cheesy, yes, but it's a childhood favorite)
The Pianist
Snow Falling on Cedars (actually liked the novel far better)

Pending review:
Der Untergang

Has anyone ever seen Iron Eagle III? I mean, has THE stupidest storyline ever (old veterans fighting Columbian Nazi drug lords with a P-38, Zero, Spitfire(?) etc.) Maybe if it were rated action comedy, it might have fared better! :P


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Post by ritterkreuz1945 » 22 Nov 2004 04:21

Over all, I think that Band of Brothers is the finest. If only for the historical accracy, and the lenth of the series. butter in many ways than Saving Private Ryan, because that was based on many things that happened in WW2. Where BofB was real people in a real company.


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Re: ..

Post by John W » 22 Nov 2004 05:08

Rolf-Gunter Kolb wrote:Erich Maria Remarque played Ernst Graebers ex-school professor in this movie. I seem to remember that his character was possibly half Jewish?
The teacher wasn't jewish at all but ... erm... I can't say more without giving some of the plot away (There was another person in close contact with the professor who was Jewish) ;)

I must confess that I like Mr. Remarque' works VERY much. :D

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Post by OMK » 07 Dec 2004 18:01

Das Boot. Just saw it for the umpteenth time on friday. Leaves me with a deep desire to scream ALARM! and dive into open man-holes in the road.

Also really liked "All the kings men".


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Post by bryson109 » 07 Dec 2004 21:23

For me, Bas Boot.

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