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Post by pimberg » 12 Nov 2004 22:52

Does anyone out there have a picture and detailed information on Ritterkreuzträger Erich Röseke?
- He died in 1994
- Born in Stuttgart 1921
- RK on 14.04.1945
- 9./JägRgt 1 "Brandenburg"

Thanks in advance,

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Dieter Zinke
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Post by Dieter Zinke » 13 Nov 2004 12:10

Hallo Peter,

Erich Röseke, (24.01.1921 - 02.05.1994)

00.05.1939 calling up to Gebirgsjäger
00.10.1939 entry (volunteer) as a Pionier to "Kompanie z.b.V. 800"/OKW/Amt Ausland Abwehr II
1940 Gefreiter, MG-Schütze 1. Instruction asparachutist
1941 Unteroffizierand Pioniergruppenführer. Leader of a Sturmboot-Staffel (destination: the Nil-river, Suez-channel)
1942 Feldwebel and Kompanietruppführer. Leader of a cossack-platoon (destination: Caspian Sea).
1943 Leutnant, platoon-leader
1944 Oberleutnant, chief of a Kompanie
1945 Hauptmann, leader of a Bataillon and a Kampfgruppe
1945 - 1948 POW (US) as 'Sabotage Specialist - Dangerous Prisoner'

1940 Western campaign, 1941 in Greece / North-Africa (Sonderverband 288, destination: Arabia - Persia), 1942 Russia, 1943/44 Greece, Albania, Yugo-Slavia, Hungary, 1945 East-Prussia, Wartheland, Silesia.

8x wounded (shots belly, throat and lungs).
Iron Cross II and I, German Cross in Gold, Wound badge in Gold, Close Combat Clasp in Silver, General Assault badge, Guerrilla Warfare badge, Ostvolk-decoration 1st Class, two Tank Destruction badges, Pionier-Steuermann-Abzeichen
KC 08.04.1945 (6./Jäger-Regiment 1 "BR") for Brückenkopf Apatin

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Post by pimberg » 14 Nov 2004 10:14

Hallo Oberstab,

Einfach fabelhaft; vielen Dank. An Uncle of mine knew him while both were POWs in the United States. The information and picture is invaluable for us.

Again thanks. I hope one day I can return the favour.


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