Major KMT and CCP engagements WW2

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Post by Windward » 19 Nov 2004 16:31

Snollyg0ster wrote:Sounds like you're doing a bit of distorting here.

"Fa Zhan" means "develop" in Chinese Mandarian, and I'm not familiar with the term "Fan Jiang."
There are several meaning of "fa zhan" in Chinese. When talk about a country or a company, it means "develop"; when people say "fa zhan dang yuan", they mean get a man become member of CPC. When they say "fa zhan di pan" or "fa zhan shi li", they mean expand regime or influence or force. If someone only say "fa zhan", you must look what he said in the context to judge the meaning. In this case, "fazhan" means expand seperate regime, expand force and influence.
Also, could you post a source for this slogan?
Mao's secret telegraph to general Peng Dehuai, after the Politburo confrence at Lochuan, north Shaanxi, in Janurary 1941. All telegraphs from north Shaanxi were intercepted and most of them were decoded by KMT's two intelligence offices, MBSI (Military Bureau of Statistics and Investigation) and Chiang's "Chamberlaine Office of the Chief of National Military Committee".

In that telegraph, Mao also suggested Peng don't march more than 25 li (around 12 km) a day, leave the major battlefield to KMT armies, to protect and save commie's own strength.

And my apologize, for Mao's original words are "yifen kangri, erfen yingfu (not fanjiang), qifen fazhan".

"fan jiang" = anti Chiang or against Chiang
"ying fu" = palter, perfunctory, deal, cope with, manipulate, tackle...its meaning is also determined by the context words.

If you can read Chinese, try google "一分 抗战 七分 发展", it's Mao's famous quote during the Anti-Japanese War. Of course commies can't publicize this quote now and then, even commies know what's the shame.
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Post by Windward » 19 Nov 2004 16:50

Windward wrote:
Peter H wrote:No Tony, I'm referring to Mr Windward.
It's ME who use the word "stupid"? :lol: Then find it out from my posts here please, or I'll ask for your apologize, Peter. :)
I mean except quotation of zstar's words. 8)

You must mixed up my words with zstar's, Peter. Ok I'm administrator or moderator of several Chinese military and history forums too, and I can understand how hard and difficult for a moderator to do his works well, and how much threads he need to read and check. I know sometimes people make mistakes. So I don't need apologize thing then, and my apologize if my answers to zstar days ago was some unpolite. Let's forget it and back to the topic. :wink:



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Thanks Jasen. :)

Much appreciated on your understanding on the perils of Moderation.

Your a great asset to this forum by the way.


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