Hans Albin Rauter

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Hans Albin Rauter

Post by Andreas Schulz » 16 Dec 2004 08:15

Has anyone the promotion dates of Johann "Hans" Baptist Albin Rauter (* 04.02.1895 Klagenfurt)?

I know this:
00.00.1915 k.u.k. Fähnrich i. d. R.
00.00.0000 k.u.k. Leutnant i. d. R.
01.07.1918 k.u.k. Oberleutnant i. d. R.

Thanks in advance


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Post by Glenn2438 » 16 Dec 2004 20:41


Rauter is a mystery. He is not listed in either the k.u.k. or the k.k. Landwehr lists!


Andreas Schulz
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Post by Andreas Schulz » 16 Dec 2004 22:43

Trotzdem danke, Glenn.


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Post by MaartenM » 13 Mar 2006 19:18

This is what i could find in the trial of Rauter (which is published as a book in Holland:
1st world war, he was a voluntier and became leutnant and oberleutnant in the first Kaiserschützenregiment in Klagenfurt.
He fought in Istrië, the Piavefrotn and in Albania.

Then he startet 2x a freikorps. First at the request of the Karintische Landesregierung a freikorps of ca 2500 students and officers against "Jugoslavischen Eindringlinge".

After that he formed at the request of the provincial government of Nieder-Österreich a freikorps consisting of 30000 which occupied the Burgenland.

Then he was one of the co-founders of the Heimatschutz, who came in action twice: first in 1926 as a result of the strike ordered by Dr. Otto Bauer, then a big march in Wiener Neustad in 1928.. He then became stabschef in the völkische Heimatschutzwehr.

Since 1921 he knew Hitler and he also was a member of the NSDAP Österrreich. He became SS member and became stabführer, Stellvertreter des SS-Obergruppenführers von dem Bach Zelewski, teh Führer of Oberabschnittes Südost. (before 1939, sorry, no preciser date) I know that after the banning of the party in Austria in 1933 he left Austria for Germany. On 25 of May 1940 he was appointet as "Höhere SS- und Polizeiführer beim Reichskommisariat für die besetzte niederl¨ndische Gebiete". In this function he also was th"Generalkomissar für das Sicherheitswesen". He was in this function untill 6-3-1945 when he was seriously injured in an attack by the resistance. He was still not completely healed when he was transferred to Holland in february 1946. He was tried from april 1948 and finaly (after 2 appeals) executed on 25-3-1949.

I hope this was at least a little bit helpfull. Should you have any further questions, let me know!


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Requin Marteau
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Post by Requin Marteau » 14 Mar 2006 19:22


Bio in French.

Hanns-Albin RAUTER

Né le 4 février 1895 à Klagenfurt, en Carinthie, diplômé en 1912, Kärnten Gebirgschützen Rgt 1 (1914-1918), Adjutant Nachrichtenoffizier et Kdr Kie, sérieusement blessé le 29 octobre 1915, en convalescence jusqu’en juillet 1916, invalide à 35% (octobre 1916), Oberleutnant d. Res (1er juillet 1918), sert au Studentenfreikorps Graz/Bund Oberland dans les Sudètes (1919-1921), co-fondateur et principal leader du Sozialist Steierischen Heimatschutz (1921-juin 1933).

- Osterreichische MVK 3. kl,
- Osterreichische Grosse Silberne Tapferkeitsmedaille 1. kl,
- Osterreichische Karl Truppen Kreuz,
- Osterreichische Verwundetenmedaille,
- Osterreichische Goldene VK mit Krone am Band d. Tapferkeitsmedaille (1er août 1918),
- Verwundeten Abzeichen in Schwarz,
- Frontkämpferkreuz,
- Kärntner Kreuz für Tapferkeit.

Adhère au Osterreich NSDAP en 1933, n’est pas membre du NSDAP, député au Reichstag (1938-mai 1945), membre de la SA (1933-20 février 1935), SA STAF (1934), rejoint la SS (262958) comme SS OFHR, Chef d. Stabes du SS GRUF Alfred RODENBÜCHER, Offizier z.b.V. Personal Stab RF SS (20 février 1935-avril 1936), Stab SS Hauptamt jusqu’en juin 1936, Personal Stab RF SS jusqu’en novembre 1938, Stabsführer SS Oberabschnitt Südost (1er novembre 1938-1er septembre 1940), SS BRIG FHR (21 décembre 1939), HSSPF Nordwest et Führer SS Oberabschnitt Nordwest (26 juin 1940-8 mai 1945), SS GRUF (20 avril 1941), SS OGRUF (21 juin 1943), General d. Waffen SS (1er juin 1944), marié, 5 enfants. Arrêté par la British Police Military à l’hôpital de Eutin dans le Schleswig-Holstein. Jugé par une court spéciale de justice à Den Haag, condamné à mort, exécuté par un peloton d’exécution danois le 25 mars 1949.

- Ehrenkreuz des Weltkrieges 1914-1918 mit Schwertern,
- Österreichische Ehrenmedaille des Weltkrieges 1914-1918 mit Schwertern,
- Schlesisches Bewährungsabzeichen 2. kl,
- Schlesisches Bewährungsabzeichen 1. kl,
- SA Sportabzeichen in Bronze,
- Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13 März 1938,
- Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1 Oktober 1938 mit Spange «Prager Burg»,
- Medaille zur Erinnerung an den Heimkehr des Memellandes (1939),
- KVK-II mit Schwertern,
- KVK-I mit Schwertern (1942),
- EK-II,
- EK-I.


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Post by Klemen L. » 15 Mar 2006 00:37

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Rauter is a mystery. He is not listed in either the k.u.k. or the k.k. Landwehr lists!

Glenn, check for other variations of his surname: RAUTAR, RAVTAR or RAVTER. Also RAVBAR or RAVBER. Being born in Klagenfurth in 1895 there is a good chance that he had some Slovenian ancestors (like Friedrich Rainer, Johann Mikl -> Mickl, Odilo Globocnik -> Globocnigg) and therefore hit is possible that his surname was spelled in the k.u.k or k.k. Schematismus differently than in 1930s or 1940s, when he probably changed it to sound more German.

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Re: Hans Albin Rauter

Post by axel67 » 31 Mar 2014 17:07


Voici quelques éléments concernant les parents de Rauter :
Geboren am 12Februar 1861 im Eisenkappel
Gestorben am 1 Marz 1918 im Graz
Verheiratet am 24 januar 1891 im Zagreb

Geboren am 28 Juni 1874 im Selce Kroatie
Gestorben am 3 marz 1944 im Wien

I did not found any photo of the execution of Rauter? Was he really executed?

Is there in his trial any information on his brother wo lived in France Under an other identity? Raoul Leor in fact ( Léocadij Janez Anton Rauter)

Thank you in advance
Merci d'avance


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Re: Hans Albin Rauter

Post by rschuur » 12 Apr 2014 14:53

Hello Axel67, I got your mail but wasn't able to reply earlier.
There is a specialist in The Netherlands on Hans Rauter. Theo Gerritse has been working on a biography on Rauter since 2007 under the supervision of NIOD institute in Amsterdam, the Dutch institute for war and holocaust. The biography was due late 2013, but apparantly isn't ready yet. I know Gerritse has done extensive research in Austria.
I have no address of Gerritse, but you could try to contact him through his supervisor, prof. dr. Johannes Houwink ten Cate at NIOD.
As links to sites seem to be blocked, I suggest you go to the site of niod dot nl. Under Home and then Medewerkers you will find his name.
There is also a page on the Rauter project under Onderzoek.
I hope my information is of some use.
Best wishes, Richard (rschuur)

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