Third Reich music banned today

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Adam Carr
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Post by Adam Carr » 26 Jan 2021 04:05

Mark in Cleveland, please read my post from 2009 on this subject (just scroll up a bit). No Nazi era songs are banned or censored by name.

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Post by GoeringsPetLion » 27 Jan 2021 02:05

In Germany, you can be punished for Volksverhetzung ("incitement of masses", § 130 StGB) if you sing, for example, Die Fahne hoch ("The Flag Up High") or Bomben auf Engelland ("Bombs on England") in public. Most Schlager songs of the era had no political references: Und wieder geht ein schöner Tag zu Ende ("And Again a Beautiful Day Comes to an End"), Du und ich im Mondenschein ("You and Me in the Moonshine"), etc.

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Post by ManfredV » 27 Jan 2021 18:29

I think there are three types of "Third Reich music".
1. Songs that glorify nationalsozialism, anti-semitism, violence etc. and which are full of Nazi ideology. Horst Wessel Lied, Unsere Fahne flattert uns voran e.g.
These songs are banned in Germany. It is not allowed to play them in public. It will be punished as Volksverhetzung.
For educational purpose they can be played in schools,seminars e.g.
2. Pre-Nazi music missused by Nazis or often played or seen in their context. First stanza of Deutschlandlied (which was of course misinterpreted and had another meaning before 1933) or Badonviller Marsch (often called Badenweiler Marsch) which was Hitler's favourite march etc.
First stanza of Deutschlandlied is not banned but never sung in oficial use. Badonviller Marsch is also not banned but Bundeswehr and Police bands are not allowed to play it. Sinfonia and opera orchestras, broadcast orchestras etc. also don't play it.
3. Unpolitical songs composed 1933-1945 or other popular music. Lilli Marleen, Capri Fischer, Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein or Das kann doch einen Seemann nicht erschüttern e.g. are still popular today. Famous composers like Richard Strauss and Werner Egk also created music.
Of course such music isn't banned.

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Ivan Ž.
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Post by Ivan Ž. » 27 Jan 2021 18:51

Hello, ManfredV

I get your idea, but it's best not to categorise it like that (looking at it through political prisms). Third Reich music is all music created (publicly) in Germany between Jan. 1933 and May 1945 (including the ruling party's earlier struggle songs), which had many genres and categories. It's just that because of the war and politics much of it is often neglected, or is forgotten. Everyone who wishes to get a better idea of what was composed in Germany in this period of its history, take a look, for example, in Hofmeister's Musikalisch-literarische Monatsberichte (1933-1945).


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