Fritz von Brodowski

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Fritz von Brodowski

Post by David Thompson » 28 Dec 2004 00:54

Does anyone have any details on the death of this officer?

von Brodowski, Fritz (1886-1944) [Generalleutnant] – Reichswehr service; commander, 16th Mounted Regiment (R.R.16); Inspector, Armed Forces Replacement Inspectorate Stuttgart (Insp.W.E.J. Stuttgart) 1 May 1938-26 Dec 1941; commander, Field Replacement Division B (Feld Ers. Div. B) 1 Jun 1942; commander, 404th Division 25 Sept 1942-14 Mar 1943; commander, 398th High Field Command (Oberfeldkommandantur [O.F.K.] 398) summer 1943; commander, 588th High Field Command (Oberfeldkommandantur [O.F.K.] 588) 15 Apr 1944; commander, Battle Group (Kampfgruppe) "von Brodowski" 1 Sept 1944 {captured by French troops near Jussey in Haut-Saone (NYT 27 Oct 1944:6:6); taken to Besancon and executed "while attempting to escape" c. 6 Nov 1944 (NYT 8 Nov 1944:19:3; Set Europe Ablaze p. 219); or KIA 20 Oct 1944 at Besancon, France (ABR-Croisier-H; ABR-H).}

cf. The murder of General Mesny

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Post by Georges JEROME » 30 Dec 2004 11:29

As far as I remember von Brodowski was unproperly involved in the massacer of Oradour sur Glane in june 44 because he was cdt of the german security forces in this area.

I've an original and official book upon Oradour sur Glane from 1945 edited by the Office Français d'Edition and published by Archives sur recherches des crimes de guerre ennemis.

they refer to the tagebuch of the Hauptverbindungsstab 588 (Clermont Ferrand) headed by von Brodowsky he held when he was captured by FFI.

page 24 3.6.44 "the organisation and the leading of the "cleaning" operations against bandes of terrorists are given to Gen Lt von Brodowsky who will be responsible"

page 30 6.6.44 "I'm involved to restore the authority of the occupation forces in the departement du Cantal and the neiborough areas. The fight against armed bandes will be followed by all the means. The command of the SIPO and SD (Hauptsturmführer Gleitzer) is subordonned to me.

date 11.06.44 : During an action of the troups on 10 june the town of Oradour was reduced in debris and burn to ashes.

page 117 of the book published in 1945 says :
"the orders came from higher. we know that when he was captured the general von Brodowsky refused to recognize as criminals the massacers of which french authorities consider him as responsible : orders he received allow him to take repreasals measures he think usefull to break resistance to german forces"

at his date v B. was considered as a major responsible of Oradour.

book on Crimes under occupation by Delarue a french police commissar written in 1968 clarify von Brodowski responsability.

"to restore the truth, v B headed VS 588 from 1.2.44 until 16.08.44. Captured at Corre in Haute Saone and in jail at the Citadelle of Besançon prosecuted for war crimes.
He was shooted by a sentinel while trying to escape.
The later investigations point in direction of general Lammerding as responsible and discharge him of alleged charges.

He certainely tried to escape to avoid a probably death sentence for the charges which were extremely heavy against him due to his daily journal.


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Post by David Thompson » 30 Dec 2004 18:32

JEROME Georges -- Thanks for that very helpful information.

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Re: Fritz von Brodowski

Post by Cowbyfred » 04 Oct 2012 09:49

My father was given a Luger owned by General Brodowski from the American intelligence officer that confiscated it in the process of interviewing him. He was then released back to the French who arranged his "escape"/execution.
Cowbyfred wrote:I am new to this forum, but I have some information about General Fritz von Brodowski. I tried to respond to some dates posts requesting information, with no success.
Cowbyfred wrote:Great. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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