Nazis in state governments before the third reich.

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Nazis in state governments before the third reich.

Post by rob » 30 Aug 2002 22:54

Several Nazis became ministers of a few small German states in the 1929-1932 era. I believe one became minister of the interior in Thuringia. They were all small states I believe. They were hoping to take power in Prussia, and won plurality of Landtag seats in 1932, but were unable to form a majority cabinet and the SPD alliance held on in a caretaker role until Papen dissolved that government in July of 1932. I'm wondering if the Nazi interior minister of Thuringia tried to implement a preview of coming attractions, a sort of mini-third reich. Did he deputise some SA members into the state police? Maybe harrass and or imprison some leftist party members, maybe imprison some abortionists. Does anyone have any info on this.

Georges JEROME
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Post by Georges JEROME » 11 Aug 2005 12:48

Land Thuringen : Frick Minister der Innern 1930 1931
Sauckel Minister der Innern 1932
Marschler Minister fur Wirtschaft u Finanzen 1932
Wachtler Minister fur Volksbildung 1932
Land Braunschweig : Klagges Minister der Innern 1931 1932

Land Anhalt : Freyberg Ministerprasident 1932

Land Oldenburg : Röver Ministerprasident 1932


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