High Scorers with Panzers and Paks

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Re: High Scorers with Panzers and Paks

Post by Michael Kenny » 28 Sep 2018 01:13

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28 Sep 2018 00:49
or it's not that important? nobody cares
A 13 year thread with 17 pages is proof 'nobody cares'!

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Re: High Scorers with Panzers and Paks

Post by Cult Icon » 26 Jul 2019 04:06

Edward L. Hsiao wrote:
15 Dec 2014 08:11

Like Kurt Knispel and a few other high scoring tank killers,Konrad Weinert should have gotten the Knight's Cross. I had a hunch that Weinert after his death was nominated posthumously for the Knight's Cross. 59 kills over enemy tanks was a lot for Konrad Weinert as panzer commander. What happened to his nomination remains unknown. Weinert had gotten his German Cross in Gold posthumously. By the way,there were a number of brave German soldiers of WWII that were awarded both the German Cross in Gold and the Knight's Cross posthumously.
A bit late to this one- the RK was not awarded based on an accumulated kill tally but a single outstanding leadership/combat action. Also the relationship between the soldier and his superiors also played a major role in deciding whether or not to assemble a packet and submit it.

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Re: High Scorers with Panzers and Paks

Post by markr » 24 May 2020 18:24

Looking for tank killers in North Africa and Italy; did a couple of searches in forum but did not come across anything.

I know from other sources that Johannes Kummel destroyed a number of tanks during 1941-42 (from reading "Panzer Aces II"), and that Hans Sandrock destroyed a number during that same period. Also recall seeing a couple of websites in which Hermann Eckhardt was credited with 26 (of his total of 78) while in North Africa.

I saw the award narrative for Anton Kreuzberg, in which he was credited with 9 x kills in one day (spring 1944), using a Nashorn of Sch. Jag. Pz. Abt 525, and the narrative for Fritz Bohm, 6/Pz Regiment 26, with 3 x Shermans in one day (July 1944). Also reviewed one website that had a Leutnant "Zint" and an Uffz "Hammerschmidt" , with sch. Pz Abt 508, credited with 11 and 6 x Shermans, respectively, on 24.2.44. Last, saw
that a Herbert Fries was credited with 20 x kills during period of 21-24.5.44, using a Panther Turret from a fixed position.

Other PZKW, Tiger I tank killers in North Africa, 1941-43?
PZKW, Panther, Tiger I, Sturmgeschutz/Pz Jaeger tank killers in Italy, 1943-45?


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