Jugend marschiert (Her zu uns, all ihr Jungen...)

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Post by Erich-SA » 07 Apr 2010 00:17

I've never found the words in print (and I have a lot of songbooks and sheet music pieces).
I guess I'm overdue for watching 'Triumph des Willens'--I was commenting from memory!
If you do find the words, please let me know--thanks!

Schellack 78
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Post by Schellack 78 » 18 Apr 2010 22:07

Hello! I can't hear/make out the words they are singing unfortunately but it goes something like this: "Jugend zieht durch die Straßen stolz im Braunen Gewand....in Ewigkeit was wir Jungen begonnen..." Where i put "..." are the parts of the text i can't hear/make out.

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Post by Ivan Ž. » 22 Jan 2015 18:24

Two topics dealing with the lyrics of "Jugend marschiert" have been merged.

Discussion on the lyrics for a different song has been split-off into a new topic

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Re: Jugend marschiert (Her zu uns, all ihr Jungen...)

Post by Mitridat » 15 Aug 2018 04:28

As I can hear the respective soundtrack, it sounds like "Jugend zieht durch die Strassen stolz mit brausendem Sang" (not "im braunen Gewand").
The quality is still so poor that I can hardly understand the rest.

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Re: Jugend marschiert (Her zu uns, all ihr Jungen...)

Post by D-General » 10 Dec 2018 07:35

I think I am a bit late, but after restoring and enhancing the audio, and with the help of my German friend, I was finally able to find the lyrics.

[Incorrect lyrics removed by the host, Ivan Ž.]

Anyways that's all, have a good day

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