Was Italy Ultimately Prepared For War?

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Elizabeth II
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Was Italy Ultimately Prepared For War?

Post by Elizabeth II » 22 Jun 2005 04:53

What do you think and why?

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Post by MajorLister » 30 Jun 2005 21:52

They were prepared for a colonial style of war, and although a lot of their equipment wasn't bad, much of it was made in the old craftsman type environment (not mass produced). On top of it all, much of their armoured equipment had peaked developmentally by the early 1930's and by mid war was looking antediluvian.

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Post by us11thairborne » 05 Jul 2005 18:21

Italy was prepared for war, but not prepared to fight the Allies. Italy (as stated previously) was prepared for a more colonial style war, such as their invasion of Abyssinia in 1936. Italy than in 1941 invaded southern France, as the campaign was closing to the north hoping to recieve some territory. As a result Italian forces were beaten and took heavy casualities. Italy lacked the command leadership and with the loss of one of their great leaders in North Afrika, they lacked the leadership skills even more so.

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Post by PanzerKing » 05 Jul 2005 18:50

When Italian designs caught up, like the Re 2005 and P.40 heavy tank, it was too late.

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Post by CroSpartacus » 05 Jul 2005 19:33

mussolini was hoping that hitler would give him up to 1942 to prepare for any war. Hitler didnt even tell Mussolini about the strike against Poland, meanwhile Mussolini was struggling to get another conference together with the Brits over the issue just as in Munich.

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Post by Zimmerman » 12 Jul 2005 18:55

I read somewhere (actually I believe on this forum) that Italy made a strategic choice in the 1930s. Instead of concentrating on developing new technologies and weapons, the Italians continued to produce mid-30s designs to fill the Italian Army's coffers as well as providing weapons to the Nationalists in Spain. Is this true?

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Post by bearcat » 20 Jul 2005 05:01

The answer is a resounding no. Like stated Mussolini requested that Hitler wait till 1943 ut obviously that didnt occur. Italy during the 30's had probably the world's best airforce, with great planes like the renouned Cr.42 Falco and also held many world records in flight. But also mentioned Italy failed to modernize their airforce and costly wars in Ethiopia and Spain which did not produce as much back as the Duce would have liked were a large part of the downfall. Also mentioned already Italy had good equipment such as the P.40, Aquila aircraft carrior, RE 2005, Veltro, etc. but too much too late.

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