Kriegsmarine Performance at Narvik 1940

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Tactically the British got one over the wehrmacht at Narvik. Aswell as the German blunder leaving their ships sitting ducks twice! Caused Hitler to exclaim after the disaster;

"Our own navy is but a copy of the British - and a poor copy at that. The warships are not in operational readiness; they are lying idle in the fjords, utterly useless like so much old iron."

April 9, 1940 German forces attacked and captured the strategic iron ore port of Narvik in the neutral nation of Norway.

The British responded the following morning with an attack by destroyers Hardy, Havock, Hostile, Hotspur, and Hunter. The ensuing battle left Narvik harbor a graveyard of ships. The Germans lost the destroyers Wilhelm Heidkamp and Anton Schmitt, and the merchant vessels Jan Wellem, Ravensfeld, Neuenfels, Aachen, Altona, Hein Hoyer, Bockenheim, Martha Hendrick Fisser, and Frielinghaus. The British lost the Hardy and Hunter.

On April 13th the British return with a stronger force led by the Battleship HMS Warspite and nine Destroyers. By the end of the day the eight remaining German naval forces had been decimated, sunk or run aground and several more merchant ships had been sunk.

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