Postwar use of the German Uboaten in foreign navies

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Postwar use of the German Uboaten in foreign navies

Post by Kurt_Steiner » 01 Jul 2005 18:21

By sheer chance I have found the following page

where, to my surprise, I found that an old Uboat type XXI, the U-2518, was used as the ROLAND MORILLOT S 613 by the French marine after WW2 from 1946-1967. Furthermoer, the French navy used some other ex German Uboaten like the BLAISON S 611 (Ex U-123, Type IX-B), BOUAN S 612 (Ex U-510, Type IX-C), LAUBIE S 610 (Ex U-766, Type VII-C) and MILLE S 609 (Ex U-471, Type VII-C).

I was wondering if many Uboaten ended its days in other foreign marines. Did France used any other ex-German Uboaten after WW2? Any other nation used ex-German Uboaten after WW2?

Forgive me if this question is too wide and thanks for any info.

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