Italian 6th Army - OOB Sicily '43 - Contribute!

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Italian 6th Army - OOB Sicily '43 - Contribute!

Post by PanzerKing » 24 Jul 2005 03:28

I'm trying to build the 6th Army, lead by Alfredo Guzzoni, in the battle for Sicily. So far I only have large sized units, please feel free to contribute!

6th Army - Guzzoni 7/10/43
Aosta Division
Assietta Division
Livorno Division (mot)
Napoli Division
18 Coastal Brigade
136 Coastal Division
202 Coastal Division
206 Coastal Division
207 Coastal Division
208 Coastal Division
213 Coastal Division

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Post by VJK » 24 Jul 2005 10:25


I hope this helps:-

4th "Livorno" Motorized Infantry Division
Generale di Divisione Domenico Chirieleison

33rd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Regiment
28th Artillery Regiment
3 Anti-Aircraft Battalions
Engineer Battalion

26th "Assietta" Mountain Division
Generale di Divisione Erbrto Papini
Generale di Divisione Francesco Scotti
Generale di Divisione Ottorino Schreiber

29th Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Regiment
17th "Blackshirt" Battalion
25th Artillery Regiment
126th Mortar Battalion
Engineer Battalion

28th "Aosta" Infantry Division
General di Divisione Giacomo Romano

5th Infantry Regiment
6th Infantry Regiment
171st "Blackshirts" Battalion
22nd Artillery Regiment
28th Mortar Battalion
Engineer Battalion

54th "Napoli" Infantry Division
Generale di Divisione Giulio Cesare Gotti Porcinari

75th Infantry Regiment
76th Infantry Regiment
173rd "Blackshirt" Battalion
54th Artillery Regiment

XII Corps
Generale di Corp d’Armata Mario Arisio

202nd Coastal Division
207th Coastal Division
208th Coastal Division
133rd Coastal Regiment

XVI Corps
Generale di Corpo d’Armata Carlo Rossi

206th Coastal Division
213th Coastal Division
18th Coastal Brigade
19th Coastal Brigade

Miscellaneous formations
10th Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment
177th Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment
185th Infantry Regiment
230th Armored Battalion
51st Bersaglieri Battalion
58th Bersaglieri Battalion
17th "Blackshirt" Infantry Battalion
19th "Blackshirt" Infantry Battalion
173rd "Blackshirt" Infantry Battalion
Mobile Group A Armoured Battalion
Mobile Group B Armoured Battalion
Mobile Group C Armoured Battalion
Mobile Group D Armoured Battalion
Mobile Group E Armoured Battalion
Mobile Group F Armoured Battalion
Mobile Group G Infantry Battalion
Mobile Group H Anti-Tank Battalion
Tactical Group 'Carmito' (Armoured Battalion)
Tactical Group 'Barcellona' (Anti-tank Battalion)
12th Machinegun Battalion
112th Machinegun Battalion
23rd Cavalry (foot) Battalion
1 Palermitani Cavalry Battalion
12th Artillery Regiment
40th Artillery Regiment
16th Anti-Tank Battalion
104th Anti-Tank Battalion
119th Coastal Infantry Regiment
120th Coastal Infantry Regiment
121st Coastal Infantry Regiment
122nd Coastal Infantry Regiment
123rd Coastal Infantry Regiment
124th Coastal Infantry Regiment
133rd Coastal Infantry Regiment
134th Coastal Infantry Regiment
135th Coastal Infantry Regiment
136th Coastal Infantry Regiment
137th Coastal Infantry Regiment
138th Coastal Infantry Regiment
139th Coastal Infantry Regiment
140th Coastal Infantry Regiment
143rd Coastal Infantry Regiment
146th Coastal Infantry Regiment
147th Coastal Infantry Regiment
148th Coastal Infantry Regiment
149th Coastal Infantry Regiment
178th Coastal Infantry Regiment
179th Coastal Infantry Regiment
372nd Coastal Infantry Battalion



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Post by PanzerKing » 25 Jul 2005 21:24

Thanks! Just curious, where did you find the info? Did you make it yourself?

Thanks again

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Post by VJK » 26 Jul 2005 07:18


I used the Google search engine, found several informative sites and summarised the info.



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Post by FB » 26 Jul 2005 07:56

The Blackshirt units, at least those in divisional OoB, should be Legions (Legione, Legioni plural), not Battallions.

Usally a Legione was composed by two Battalions and an MG Company and had about 1.300 men.

Best regards

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Jack Nisley
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Post by Jack Nisley » 26 Jul 2005 13:59

Recommend , look at the OOB sectrion

Jack Nisley

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Re: Italian 6th Army - OOB Sicily '43 - Contribute!

Post by Sapiens » 08 Dec 2008 22:59

I recomend you to have a look to: ... tion_Husky



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