Hochgebirgs units

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Hochgebirgs units

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Marcus Wendel
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Reply Hochgebirgs units
I'm looking for info on the Hochgebirgs units.
Any and all info appreciated.


Gareth Collins
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(12/30/99 3:22:37 am)
Reply Hochgebirgs Battalions
It was in 1942 that the decision was taken to create high alpine battalions within the Gebirgsjäger organisation. The personnel for these units were skilled Alpinists who then trained for operations in the highest mountain peaks. Four such battalions were raised but the need for them did not arise and they were soon disbanded.
Hochgebirgs Jäger Battalion Nr.1, was created on 20 July 1942 from the 1st Training Battalion for high alpine troops in Berchtesgaden. The establishment was for five Companies. During the winter of 1942-43 the unit was broken up and its components distributed among 1. Gebirgs-Division, which at that time was fighting in the Caucasus.
Hochgebirgs Jäger Battalion Nr.2 was created out of the 2nd Training Battalion for high alpine troops in Innsbruck. During February 1943 it was posted to the Kuban bridgehead and amalgamated with Nr.54 Replacement Battalion to create 54. Gebirgsjäger-Regiment which was on active service in Dalmatia. It was then re-organised and formed a battalion of four Companies, three of which were Jäger and the fourth a heavy weapons Company. A battery of mountain guns also formed part of the service in Italy and in December 1944 became 3. Battalion, 296. Gebirgsjäger-Regiment. The war service of the Hochgebirgs battalion included the battles for Monte Cassino.
Hochgebirgs Jäger Battalion Nr.4 was raised on 20 November 1943 from elements of 1. Gebirgsjäger Battalion No.98 which at that time was on active service in Dalmatia. It was then posted to Italy and served as Army Troops, finishing the war with 114. Jäger Division.
Source: Hitler's Mountain Troops, J. Lucas, Cassel Military Classics, 1992, 1999.

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