What of the "Fiamme Bianche"?

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What of the "Fiamme Bianche"?

Post by botofogo59 » 12 Aug 2005 23:00

A lovely group of boys (a battalion of boys) fighting for the fasicst Social Italian Republic -- the "Salo" Republic of Mussolini -- 1943 - 45. Were they massacred along with the Black Brigades (Brigate Nere) when the end came ... or did a better fate claim them?

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The boys

Post by JLEES » 13 Aug 2005 17:22

As I understand it the answer to your question is "yes" to all the above. Some of these youths were captured by the partisans along with other fascists and paid the ultimate price for their memberships. While others surrendered with no additional problems and survived 1945. There was a string on this subject at comandosupremo.com and maybe you should check it out.

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