Prussian, Imperial & Nazi

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Prussian, Imperial & Nazi

Post by Ezboard » 29 Sep 2002 12:44

Marcus Wendel
(4/20/00 11:12:39 am)
Reply Prussian, Imperial & Nazi
I've read several times that Hitler said that he had a Prussian Army, Imperial Navy and Nazi Airforce.
What are you thoughts on this? Did the "old" branches of the Wehrmacht retain much (or at least some) of their values and traditions during the nazi era or where all branches just as nazi-influenced?

btw. Did Hitler say that at all?


Gareth Collins
Unregistered User
(4/22/00 4:27:40 pm)
Reply hitler
I heard that it was a Reactionary Army, Christian Navy and Nazi Air Force, I could be wrong. But this makes more sense, in general, it is true.

Chad Crompton
Unregistered User
(4/27/00 2:10:50 pm)
Reply My thoughts.....
Hello Marcus,

The German army was highly 'old fashion' just look at the Heer's resistance to the 'armored idea' (read the Germany Army 1933-1945, its military and political failure). Also you have to look at it like this, most of the plots against Hitler were put together by Heer officers, because most disliked the'Bavarian Corprol'. The Navy being Imperial, meaning no questions asked do as were told stay out of politics. The Luftwaffe on the other hand, was a new organization led by Reichsmarschall Goering, who was surly a Nazi, so a lot of Nazi influence was imposed on the Airforce.

Just my 2 cents worth,

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