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Wehrmacht Staff Titles

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Could someone straighten out my confusion about Wehrmacht staff titles?

There are Ia, b,c, etc. How would these correspond to US G-1, 2, etc, and is there a position similar to deputy commander &/or chief of staff?

Thanks for any info...


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Comparison of Wehrmacht and US - Staff-titles

Wehrmacht: US:
I a G 3, in some staffs of german army (for example Division), the I a was also deputy commander and chief of staff.
In higher staffs (corps, army) there are often separate officers for these tasks.
I b G 4 - Staff Officer
I b/WuG G 4 - Weapons and equipment
I b/Kfz G 4 - vehicles / Technical staff officer, responsible for maintenance
I c G 2
II a G 1 - responsible for officers
II b G 1 - resposible for NCO and enlisted men
III military court
IV a G 4 - supply organisations, logistics
führer (DiNaFü) G 4 - Transports
IV b division surgeon
IV c division veterinary surgeon
IV d division chaplains (protestantic and catholic), often in personal union responsible für grave registration
IV z division pay master

Jörg Wurdack

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Reply Re: German Staff Titles
Just what I was looking for!

Thanks, Jörg


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