Canaris and Heydrich

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Canaris and Heydrich

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Reply Canaris and Heydrich
One of the strangest relationship in the Third Reich is that between Wilhelm Canaris and Reinhard Heydrich. While both were well acquainted during their naval days, their struggle for control began when Canaris was made head of the Abwehr, and Heydrich wanted his SD to become involved in foreign intelligence and espionage. Likewise, control over the Secret Field Police was often a target of a paper war (which like the Abwehr, was eventually absorbed into the SS). Yet despite it all, both Canaris and Heydrich continued to spend a lot of time together - seemingly living next to each other, enjoying their morning horse rides, and having dinners and playing music at each other's houses. If there ever was a classic example of "keeping your friends close ; your enemies even closer", this was it.

Yet Canaris reportedly wept at Heydrich's funeral in 1942. This is indeed strange behaviour of the respectable naval officer. Was he really devastated that an intimate rival had been killed? Or is he merely trying to keep up appearances - as he is known to do - while playing the 2-faced Janus to continue plotting against Hitler? Does anyone want to comment on this?


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I don´t know if they really were such good friends. Since I read that Canaris was one of the officers responsible for Heydrich being forced to leave the Navy. This due to Heydrich not being willing to marry a girl he made the family way.

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Canaris was a traitor that worked for allied forces during all the war. He constantly misinformed German High Command about everything and gave vital information to allies. He also conspired to kill Hitler since the first day.

Heydrich was about to prove Canaris treason and to destroy the high inner circle of anti-German conspirators. To save Canaris and his network of traitors, allies sent a suicide unit of Jews paratroops to kill him.

Source: Derrota Mundial, Salvador Borrego. (

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Re: Canaris and Heydrich
I always thought the paratroopers who killed Heydrich were Czechs, with one exception(Gabcik) who was Slovak.

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Reply ???
...traitor, suicide unit of jews, Derrota Mundial (=world defeat).....
Well, it is clear on what side you are.

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Reply Canaris' role in the Reich's intrigue
I think there is evidence that both Heydrich and Himmler knew for a long time that Canaris was very much against the Hitler regieme, and went along with it (like many others) only because it was the better alternative than the chaotic reign of the Weimer Republic. I am just interested in knowing more about the double-cross, and the back-stabbings that went on (almost like the movie "Wild things"!).

There are often stories that Himmler often protected Canaris, and keep his own adjutant, Heydrich, on his (Heydrich's) toes. He saw Canaris as an important counter-weight to prevent Heydrich from becoming too powerful.

Likewise, it was often wondered why Himmler would support Stauffenburg's promotion to full Colonel in the Reserve Army. While some people see this as a lack of effectiveness of the Gestapo in nutting out the Resistance Movement in the Third Reich, I read that Himmler actually DID know of Stauffenburg's role in the Resistance, and was willing to allow him to assassinate Hitler. Himmler often played this cat-and-mouse game.

Heydrich? Is he doing the same thing?

And Canaris? Is he a hero, for trying to save a few Jews? Is he another unknown saviour - one who trys to save a few lives ? Or is he a traitor to his country?

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