British observers DSWA 1905

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British observers DSWA 1905

Post by Peter H » 24 Nov 2005 13:00

Alexander Scotland has been in the news lately: ... 42,00.html
The Cage was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Scotland, a forceful, outspoken man deemed to have the perfect background. Although English, the colonel had served briefly in the German army in what is now Namibia shortly after the turn of the century, and was later awarded the OBE for his work interrogating German prisoners during the first world war. In 1939, at the age of 57, he was recalled for service.
A Lt Colonel Trench and a Major Wade of the British Army also travelled with Trotha's forces in DSWA?

Photo from the excellent:

Image ... 31_043.jpg

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Re: British observers DSWA 1905

Post by arche-foto » 09 Nov 2022 12:25


Thank you for the post, it is many years old. The article about Scotland is still available!

I'm looking for anything about Colonel Trench and Major Ward in German South West Africa.

Which British regiments did they serve with?

I have been to Namibia several times in search of clues. I found many relics from the Herero uprising. See: ... elder.html

My specific research: were there US observers similar to the British in German South West Africa??? I found some relics of it!

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Re: British observers DSWA 1905

Post by Sheldrake » 09 Nov 2022 19:40

Another unofficial observer was Lieutenant Edmund Ironside, who passed himself off as a Boer. Ironside is claimed to be the original for John Buchan's fictional hero, Richard Hannay. As a young officer, I was shown Ironside's medals. I was told that one of them was a German medal awarded for his efficiency as a transport officer. He is supposed to have worn this when he visited Germany.

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