Jewish converts & Karaites

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Post by nny » 27 Dec 2005 05:50

redcoat wrote:
IE a German Catholic is still German, a Protestant German is still German, a Jewish German is Jewish,
No he is still a German jew, because being German is not a matter of race, but nationality.
The British, French and Germans are not different races, they are merely different nationalities.

because the Jews do not (at that time) have a country does not in anyway diminish the racial quality of that label.
The Jews living in Germany before 1933 did have a nation, it was called Germany.
I'm speaking of the National Socialist view of Races, to them Jews were not Germans, or Frenchmen, or English, or Russians, they were simply Jews (or complicatedly Jews depending on the definitions). I understand that maybe the English, French and Germans are all the same 'race', as I believe did the Nazis, they spoke extensively about the French as a "Germanic Tribe", I believe Lloyd George mentioned something about the English and the Germans being the 'same race'. As rhetoric increased in Nazi propoganda, they spoke of the English being the 'most Jewish of the Aryan races' and the French were in danger of becoming the 'first Negro nation' in Europe (due to their 'importing' of peoples from their colonies). But this was simply a product of being at war with another nation who consists of the same race.

As for the German Jews having a nation, this is based on a non-racial view of history, which was certainly not the Nazi view of history. For the Nazis racial "Germans", whatever that definition encompasses, should stay in Germany and be in charge of Germany, Jews were exiles from Israel and were not Germans and should be expelled like all other non-Germans. Post WWI people who 'felt German' were certainly cut off from Germany under the doctorine of "National Self Determination", places such as Czechoslovakia (Now Czeck Republick and Slovakia), and Yugoslavia (now a mess) were created and encompassed - among others - large "German" populations. There is a fairly dominant view that if Versailles had included Germans in National Self-Determination that WWII may have been side stepped.

This topic is more about what the Nazis considered a race and whom they considered Jewish, if we want to start talking about what defines a race and what defines a religion this topic is doomed.

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Re: Jewish converts & Karaites

Post by Von Schadewald » 05 Mar 2019 15:29

Nuremberg Law chart showing how Hitler, who was obsessed with the concept of Judenblut, got himself in to quite a tiswas over deciding who was of sufficiently Jewish ancestry to be of interest to the Nazis


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Re: Jewish converts & Karaites

Post by Skyderick » 09 Mar 2019 01:49

Orthodox conversion is a very demanding process involving years of study. Men also have to get circumcised. The only case I know of in connection with the holocaust is that of Ernst von Manstein.

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