Review: U-Boat Commander

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Review: U-Boat Commander

Post by sniper1shot » 04 Feb 2006 06:52

Title: U-Boat Commander
Authour: Peter Cremer
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
Stars: 4
(out of 5)
I have had this book on my "too read" shelf for years finally got around to it.
Book starts off as most memoirs with the training involved and postings to various ships etc. Then the chapters start with the war patrols and ultimate outcomes. From Mine laying off of England to patrols in the Atlantic etc.
Very good battle descriptions of torpedo attacks and also of the Allied attacks on the U-boats. I was impressed with the amount of damage that the authours' boats sustained but was still able to make it back to port.
There is a bit of "Boy, is he good" self admiration mentioned but the authour tends to then play it down....but after what he went through in the war I guess he is entitled to it.
My copy is the Military Book Club edition.

A good U-boat memoir that is worth reading.

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