Turkish Pilots killed in WW2

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Turkish Pilots killed in WW2

Post by Tosun Saral » 15 Mar 2006 16:38

Nearly 300 Turkish air men trained in England during WW2 to be war pilots. 9 of them were killed during training.
Air Lt. Reşit Nalbant killed August 16/17 1942
Air Lt. Nizamettin Şengün 18/19.09. 1942
Air lt. Ali Aksu 21.01. 1943
Air Lt. Saim Parlak 17.07. 1943
Air Lt.Esat Şaşmaz 23.08.1943
Air Lt. Ömer Sümercan 21.09. 1943
Air Lt. Kemal Gülçeken 10.01.1944
Air Lt. Mustafa Görez 04.08.1944
Air Lt. Fethi Ang 24.09.1944
Air Lt. Emin Dönmez 25.10.1944
Air Lt. Hüdai Toros 10.11.1944

Air Lt. Hakki Akarcay was killed by Germans during night flight,

Killed by traffic accident:
Air Lt.Abdullah Ay 04.04.1945
Air Lt.İbrahim Oray 25.03.1943

May their resting place be paradise ... =clnk&cd=1

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