The Siege of Sievastopol 1941-1942

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The Siege of Sievastopol 1941-1942

Post by Minotauros » 14 Apr 2006 10:48

Dear Friends,

I'm very interested in the history of the Siege of Sievastopol in 1941-1942.
Here are the order of battle of the Soviet troops who defended the besieged city and its perimeter.
Any comments are most welcome!

Vice Admiral Filipp Siergieievitch Oktiabrskiy
Chief of Staff: Rear Admiral Ivan Dmitriyevitch Ielisieiev

106.000 Officers, NCOs and Soldiers.

Major General Ivan Iefimovitch Pietrov
Chief of Staff: Major General Nikolai Ivanovitch Krylov
Member of the War Council: Lieonid P. Botskharov (1941)
Colonel of Technical Troops Ivan Filippovitch Tchukhnov (1942)
Commander Airforce Units: Major General of Aviation Konstantin Andrieievitch Viershnin
Commander Engineer Units: Major General of Engineer Troops Arkadiy Fiodorovitch Khrienov
Commander Sievastopol Naval Station: Rear Admiral Gavriil Vasilievitch Zhukov

25th Rifle Division “V. I. Tchapaiev” – Major General Trofim Kalinovitch Kolomiyets

95th Rifle Division of Moldavia – Colonel Alieksandr Grigorievitch Kapitokhin

109th Rifle Division – Major General Piotr Grigorievitch Novikov (POW 2.7.1942)

172nd Rifle Division – Colonel Ivan Andrieievitch Laskin (to 25.6.1942)

345th Rifle Division – Colonel Nikolai Olipiyevitch Guz

386th Rifle Division – Colonel Nikolai Filippovitch Skutielnik (to 30.6.1942)

388th Rifle Division – Colonel Alieksandr Dmitriyevitch Ovsieienko (to 6.3.1942)
Kombrig Siemion Filippovitch Monakhov (to 25.5.1942)
Colonel Nikolai Alieksandrovitch Shvariev

40th Cavalry Division – Colonel Kudiurov (KIA 19.12.1941)

138th Rifle Brigade
142nd Rifle Brigade

7th Marine Infantry Brigade
8th Marine Infantry Brigade
9th Marine Infantry Brigade
79th Marine Infantry Brigade – Colonel Alieksiei Stiepanovitch Potapov (to 27.6.42)

“Zhieliezniakov” Armored Train

Colonel of Artillery Ivan Siergieievitch Zhilin

122nd Anti-Aircraft Regiment
Anti-Aircraft Regiment x 3

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Post by AMVAS » 14 Apr 2006 15:32

Separate Coastal Army OOB on July 1:
25,95,109,172,345,386,388 Rfl. Div.
(25th Rifle Div. Was named after Tchapaev, 95th was called “Moldavian” )
79th, 138th Naval Rifle brigades
7,8 Marine Brigades
17th Gds. Army Art. Regt.; 47, 101 Gun Art. Reg., 674,700 Light Art. Regt.; 53rd Separate Gds. Mortar Bn; 880th AA Art. Regt; 26th Sep. AA Art. Bn., 81,125 Sep. Tank Bn; 82,138 Sep. Engineer Bn;

Besides in the very last days of Sevastopol defense the 142nd Naval Rfl Bde was redeployed there.

I also have to say that there were many differences in OOB of the troops of the Coastal Army.

For example. OOB for February 1’42 was the next:
25,95,109,172,345,386,388 Rfl. Div. 79th Rfl. Bde, 7,8 Marines Bde; 40th Cav. Div.;
52 Art. Regt; 265 Corps Art Regt; 3/8 Gds. Mortar Regt; 51 Sep. Mortar Bn; 2 AA Art. Regt; 61st AA Art. Regt of the Black Sea Fleet; 3,19,26 Sep. AA Art. Bn; 39 Tank Bde; 81,125 Sep. Tank Bn;
Sep. Arm. Train “Zheleznyakov”, 138th Sep. Eng. Bn, 82 Sep. Sapper Bn; Sevastopol Separate Sapper Bn.;

Recently I got very interesting battle schemes for Sevastopol defense.
Maybe with time I’ll upload them on my site in addition to presented there ;)

If you are interested in through research of this battle, contact me for details. But it’s not cheap.


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Post by asiaticus » 16 Apr 2006 19:13

Some discussion on the battle here: ... sevastapol

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Post by AMVAS » 17 Apr 2006 08:25

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Benoit Douville
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Post by Benoit Douville » 17 Apr 2006 21:28

The siege of Sevastopol is indeed pretty fascinating, the defence of Sevastopol was provided mainly by the Black Sea Fleet and the Maritime Army commanded by Borisov. It was the German 11th Army with the help of the Rumanian Third Army who successfully captured the city on July 4th 1942 after several attempt failed...


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RE: The Siege of Sievastopol 1941-1942

Post by asiaticus » 18 Apr 2006 02:39

Is there a good oob comparable to the Russian one for the Axis side of the Crimean campaign and Siege of Sievastopol 1941-1942?

I know the top commands and some divisions have been mentioned here and there.

German 11th Army
- LIV. Korps
- XXX Korps
- XXXXII. Korps

-- 22. PzDiv
-- 22, 42, 46, 50, 72, 73, 132 and 170 Inf Divs
-- RR artillery
--- [KARL, DORA, etc.]

Rumanian Third Army
- Romanian Mt.Corps
- Romanian 7th Corps

-- Romanian Groddek Motorized Brigade
---Korne Motorized Detachment
-- 8. Rumanian Kavalry Div
-- 18., 19. and 24. Rumanian Inf.Divs.
-- 1st , 4th Mountain Division
--- 4th Mountain Brigade

Luftwaffe: ?

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Post by Victor » 18 Apr 2006 09:07

You have listed all the Axis troops in Crimea, not only those at Sevastopol (plus a unit that didn't exist at the time -> the Romanian 24th Infantry Division).

Here is the OoB of the forces attacking Sevastopol in June-July 1942, with more detail on the Romanian side.

From North to South

German 54h Corps -> front line: 17 km
- German 22nd, 24th, 50th and 132nd Infantry Divisions
- Romanian 4th Mountain Division (introduced after the start of the battle)
- regiments of the German 46th Infantry Division (introduced later)

Romanian Mountain Corps -> front line: 17 km
- Romanian 1st Mountain Division
- Romanian 18th Infantry Division
- Romanian 52nd, 54th and 57th Heavy Artillery Battalions

German 30th Corps -> front line: 8.5 km
- German 28th Light Division
- German 72nd and 170th Infantry Divisions
to this Corps the Romanian 7th Heavy Artillery Regiment was attached

After the Sapun Heights were surpassed and the front line was shortened at the end of June, the Romanian Mountain Corps was pulled out and sent South to clear the Soviet troops trapped at Balaklava.

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Post by asiaticus » 18 Apr 2006 15:36

(plus a unit that didn't exist at the time -> the Romanian 24th Infantry Division)
Hmm so I see. Overlooked your comments on the Feldgrau thread.

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